Vibers Coffee Flowerpot

Product: CL-W116

This fully compostable flower pot is made from the coffee grounds that come from making one cup of coffee. And it can be personalised with your company logo, making it the perfect flower pot to bring a little green into your office. The super sustainable Coffee Vibers branded flowerpot is made out of coffee grounds and a biopolymer which is a more sustainable alternative for the usual plastic flowerpot. The biopolymer of the Coffee Based material is based on recycled raw materials from potato, grain, root or seed flour. The used coffee grounds are a waste stream from the coffee industry or the office environment.

Minimum order quantity is 25 units.

Further information on our Vibers Coffee Flowerpot:

Minimum Order Quantity: 25 units

Pot Material: Coffee Grounds

Dimensions: 13 (L) x 12 (H) x 13 (W) cm

Weight: 95g

Branding Options: Tampo print – 5 max colours

Origin: Made in the Netherlands

Colour Options: Brown


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