Customisable Crafted Gift

Wilkinson Sword choose Crafted Customisable Gifts

Wilkinson Sword recently approached Brandelity as they wanted a crafted customisable gift that highlighted their high quality, bespoke values. Wilkinson Sword have been at the forefront of male care for 250 years, making it their mission to help men express their individuality and style in the decisive moments of their lives. After suggestions and collaboration from their dedicated account manager, they decided to go ahead with the high-quality, stainless steel cocktail set from Brandelity. 

How to use Crafted Customisable Gifts to Woo your Clients

In most corporate cultures, the act of gift giving is irreplaceable when showcasing your acknowledgement of a loyal stakeholder. Gifts highlight the value you place upon your stakeholders, which can help to enhance this current or prospective relationship. A study found 94% of customers said that they remember a brand or company from whom they received a gift. The research also found that 85% of those who receive giveaways will later on purchase a product of service from the giftee.  By gifting merchandise with your logo on, you are helping to associate positive memories of receiving a gift to your brand, thus creating a valuable and personal connection. 

About the Customisable Cocktail Set

Wilkinson decided on our luxury, customisable cocktail set. The set, expertly crafted from stainless steel, is an exquisite piece of branded merchandise as it’s both high quality and practical. The set contains a 550 ml capacity cocktail shaker, a double measurer, filter and a mixing spoon. This complete set comes gifted in a limited edition, protective cardboard box. 

There are branding opportunities on both the box and the cocktail shaker, making your brand highly visible to the recipients.  The cocktail shaker is engraved with your branding, meaning there is no fear of the brand getting diminished as the recipient uses their cocktail shaker, ensuring the cocktail set is branded merchandise with longevity.