British Beach Clean Up Imagery

The Great British Beach Clean – 20th September

The Great British Beach Clean is a week long citizen lead event. The event takes place from Friday 15th September to Sunday 24th September, with special emphasis being placed on the 20th September. The week see’s hundreds of members of the public across the country participating in beach cleans. Last year’s beach clean saw 425 litter items being found per 100m of beach surveyed. 

Here at Brandelity, we pride ourselves on delivering sustainable merchandise that is great for the longevity of the environment as well as your brand image. For Great British Beach Clean Day, we have chosen our favourite pieces of merchandise which are manufactured from materials which otherwise would contribute to the ocean waste issues. 

Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle

The Ocean Bottle is a high quality bottle with dual thermo properties and a 10 year warranty. Although the Ocean Bottle helps create a lot of brand exposure, the reason we are shouting about it is because of it’s contribution to the ocean clean ups. The bottle itself is majority made from recycled materials, and it is fully recyclable at the end of its life. For every bottle bought, the company funds the collection of approximately 1,000 plastic bottles around the world, with focus placed on waterways and rivers. This is in an attempt to reduce plastic bottles entering the ocean, meaning the beach clean week is every week for this company! It’s goal is to collect 7 billion bottles by 2025.


SeaTowel (100% Recycled Towels)

The SeaTowel is a great piece of branded merchandise as it allows for maximum brand exposure whilst still being aesthetically pleasing and practical. The all over woven branding really makes it stand out and gives it a high quality, professional feel for a promotional gift or item of company merchandise. As well as being a great item for increasing your brand visibility, it contributes to the ocean clean up efforts. 

These beautiful SeaTowels are made from 100% recycled materials, including recycled plastic bottles, which are collected by fisherman directly from the sea. The bottles are made into a yarn which is mixed with recycled cotton in a colour of your choice. These are woven to make a SeaTowel of excellent quality. As well as choosing a towel that will help clean up our planet, every purchase will see 5% of supplier profit go to The Ocean Cleanup.