Staff Incentives


Chocolate Pizza

EasyJet is a British multinational low-cost airline group, operating domestic and international services on 927 routes across 34 countries. The airline has 308 aircrafts which are operated by over 13,000 highly skilled workers.

EasyJet recently partnered with Brandelity to order some delicious chocolate pizzas to deliver to their staff as a way of thanking them for topping their targets. The chocolate pizza, which can be ordered as 7’’ and 10’’, has an array of toppings and a brand customisable pizza box with sleeve. EasyJet decided on a pizza box boasting their iconic orange logo with a thank you message on the sleeve. By customising their pizzas in this way, EasyJet are ensuring both their brand and their staff appreciation is unmissable. 

Benefits of showing gratitude to your employees

Showing gratitude to your staff encourages them to work to their full potential as they feel part of a team working towards one greater goal. Gift giving makes the employee feel appreciated and valued, which could help retain staff.  This is of particular importance when discussing top performers. Gifting employees is also suggested to be a great way of boosting performance, which is ideal when dealing with high performers as this could increase the targets of the overall company. 

Branded merchandise can serve as an effective method for boosting an employees productivity as personalisation can drive the employee’s increased productivity and positive attitude towards the brand specifically. 

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