Circular Economy

End of Life and the Circular Economy Explained

A product’s end of life refers to its retirement from the market, which is imperative to the product’s overall sustainability. This notion is recognised by governing bodies such as the European Commission who state the best way to manage a product’s sustainability is through moulding the product to the circular economy . 

The team at Brandelity are predicting an increase in demand for products with a sustainable end of life as more and more companies strive to fit into the circular economy. This means a weighted importance on products that can eliminate waste, keep materials in use and regenerate natural systems. 

The Benefits of a Circular Economy are Undisputed

The circular economy is a sustainable alternative to the linear economy which has the traditional view of take-make-dispose. A product’s end of life can be considered part of the circular economy when it can either be repaired, refurbished or fully recycled. By adopting the circular economy, we have the opportunity to tackle the climate crisis by decreasing the use of scarce resources, which will build business sustainability. This idea contradicts the linear economy as it pledges to use the materials of one end product’s life cycle to input to another’s lifecycle, meaning the materials stay in the market for as long as possible. The idea of cradle-to-cradle calls for repurposed materials, keeping them in the ‘economic loop’ and therefore increasing both sustainability and revenue. 

Brandelity’s Circular Economy Product Spotlight

Circular Economy

KAI Jacket 

Our circular Kai unisex lightweight jacket, with detachable customisable branded patches, is the pinnacle of sustainable promotional apparel. The jacket is both waterproof and breathable whilst being made with 100% mono materials. As well as being made from recyclable materials, the jacket comes with a sown pouch which is used to repack the jacket once you are finished with it. Just pack this jacket back into its pouch and send it back to the supplier to ensure a fully recycled piece of apparel!

Circular Economy

Co-Branded Napapijri Acalmar Short Jacket

This lightweight jacket is the perfect product to help your company stay visible while being sustainable. The co-branded, lightweight jacket by Napapijri features a full zip fastening and high neck design to protect you from the elements. It is made from 100% recycled polyamide which means the jacket is both durable and easy to recycle. With only 1% of clothing currently being used to create new garments or textiles, the Acalmar jacket is a market leader in the race for sustainable apparel. Show your brand off as a champion of sustainability with this co-branded jacket.

Circular Economy


Seedsticks are the perfect piece of branded merchandise to help align your business with values of sustainability. This unique and exclusive product is a champion of sustainability as the receiver can plant the seeds, thus breading life from your branded merchandise. As well as helping the environment, these seedsticks allow you to create a lasting impression on the receiver as they will remember your brand as their new plant grows.

Circular Economy

Sustainable Squeeze Sports Bottle

This Sustainable Squeeze Sports Bottle is a reusable bottle available in 500ml and 750ml. It significantly contributes to saving our natural resources, protecting against unnecessary waste and overuse of landfills. It’s the ideal choice for eco-conscious brands as it is manufactured from a revolutionary green bioplastic which will biodegrade in active landfill between 3-5 years.

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