Eco Giveaways For Ben And Jerrys Branded Seed Stixs

1 3Rd Of The Bee Population Has Disappeared Over The Past DecadeWhat’s the scoop on these Eco giveaways?

The masters of ice cream Ben and Jerry’s sought our help in sourcing some fun Eco giveaways for their customers. Being a responsible brand, they sought giveaways that were both relevant and in keeping with their mission to be more environmentally friendly . In this case wanting to raise awareness of the need to save our honey bees because when it comes to this topic honey, it’s important to bee in the know.

Why the buzz over bee friendly Eco giveaways?

1/3rd of the bee population has disappeared over the past decade! There’s likely many factors influencing their population decline but there’s no question that the loss of their natural habitat is a contributing factor. With urban environments expanding and agriculture being more industrialised and less diverse, the variety and scope of our bees habitat has significantly dwindled. Watch the video below to find out more about what is happening to our bees:


Scoop, sow and watch it grow!

Eco Giveaways For Ben And Jerry's Branded Seed StixsIn an effort to save our bees and build up some buzz around the issue amongst their customers, we advised Ben and Jerry’s to try our branded Seed Stixs. Filled with bee-friendly wildflower seeds, their customers get the chance to sow and grow with every scoop purchased from their London Ice Cream Parlor.  A great giveaway that can potentially expand our bees habitat and certainly help to spread the message and educate others of the problem .Our Seed Stix come branded with your artwork which, as you can see, Ben and Jerry’s really embraced. They used the Seed Stix packaging to show off their brands quirky yet ethical personality. Ben and Jerry’s loved their Seed Stix and it’s easy to see why. They’re a truly fun, interactive and memorable Eco giveaway.

Honey, you want your own sweet seed stixs?

Bandj Eco Giveaways Inside Seed Stix ChilliOk, we’ll bee-have and stop with the puns. You’ve read this far and are probably wondering if you can get your own branded seed stix. Well, you can! Click HERE to find out more about this product and to place an enquiry. Oh and before we forget, yes our seed stix are available with a variety of seeds meaning you can keep it wild or even spice it up with Chilli seeds. Something Ben and Jerry’s asked us for to promote another project taking place in Holland. We also have more Eco giveaways such as Seed Balls, bags and umbrellas made out of recycled bottles and even sweets in compostable packaging! Click the button below to view more Eco giveaways.