Promotional Phone Holder With Logo Engraving

Statistic Mobile Phones Second Most Misplaced ItemIn a pickle over where you’ve left your phone? You’re not alone. In the U.K phones are the second most misplaced item by adults. Unsurprisingly, one of the top locations to misplace your phone is at the office, which might explain why clumsy Carol’s filing cabinet keeps vibrating. It might also explain why Pickle Jar Communications contacted us to see if we could source them their very own promotional phone holders for them to dish out to their lucky clients. Although, there is another reason promotional phone holders are a fantastic branded giveaway…

Promotional Phone Holders Make Great Desk Merchandise

We previously wrote about how the office desk is the battleground for your brand. Put simply, the majority of the workforce is now desk bound and a survey compiled by the BPMA found over half of participants had four or more promotional items on their Statistic 83 Percent Purchased From Companies They Had Received Promo Products Fromdesk. That’s a lot of promotional merchandise and there’s a good reason for it too. The same survey found an astonishing 93% of participants believed the promotional products on their desk increased their awareness of a brand as a direct result. It’s no surprise therefore that 83% of participants had also purchased from companies they’d received promotional products from. The best part? The majority of survey participants were of a managerial level! So desk friendly promotional merchandise can be an ideal way to keep your brand at the forefront of decision makers minds.

Of course the more unique a promotional item the more impactful it’ll be. Unique promotional merchandise is kept longer, meaning greater exposure for your brand. You can find branded pens on most desks, but how many have an equally useful but more memorable promotional phone holder on them? Usefulness has also been identified as one of the top qualities sought in a promotional product by users. With these two qualities we’re sure they’ll be popular, particularly if you have any clients based in Manchester. More people misplace their phone in this city than anywhere else in the world!

Pining To Get Your Own Branded Phone Holders?

Our Blocka Promotional Phone Holder comes engraved with your company logo and is made entirely out of bamboo. This not only gives it a distinctive natural aesthetic but also means it won’t contribute to the plastic pollution problem we’re facing. Promotional Phone HolderOur sturdy Blocka Promotional Phone Holder also has two different sized slots, meaning it can hold a phone or a tablet – pretty handy! To find out more about our Blocka Promotional Phone Holder, click the button below.