Preqin Cups

Preqin is a privately held London-based investment data company that provides financial data and insight on the alternative assets market, as well as tools to support investment in alternatives.

Preqin needed a set of custom-made promotional products to be produced which needed to be matched to the company’s exact brand colours. Matching brand colours across multiple branded items is challenging but an important part of building and maintaining a consistent and recognizable brand identity.

Our Pantone Matched Range was the perfect fit for it includes a number of very useful promotional items that can all be matched to specific Pantone references. Pantone colours are standardized, which means that they are intended to be exact and consistent across different media. Pantone has created a colour-matching system, known as the Pantone Matching System (PMS), which provides specific codes for each colour in the system. This allows us to reproduce colours consistently and accurately, pretty much regardless of the item we are customising.

Pantone Colour Twist Pen

Preqin Pen Notebook

Our Pantone Colour Twist Pens were made in Preqin’s exact Pantone colour and printed with their alternating colour logo. This high-quality pen is made from brass and stainless steel with metallic trim.


Pantone Colour Matched Notepad

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The Pantone Notebooks were made in Preqin’s exact Pantone colour and printed with their logo. This notepad features an elasticated closure, a looped pen holder and a ribbon page marker. Each notebook has 112 sheets (224 pages) of 70gsm lined paper.

The notebook and pens were used at a number of events but in particular this Trade show in Amsterdam!

Chu-Lip Pantone Matched Coffee Cup

Preqin CupsIn keeping with Preqin’s environmental policies, they required a cup that would be cherished and used multiple times thus eliminating the requirement for single-use plastic. Not only is the Chu-lip cup cool and distinctive in appearance but it is also an incredibly practical one as well. These custom metal cups are capable of keeping drinks either hot or cold for hours making them an ideal reusable cup for a variety of beverages.

The Chu-lip also features an open sip lid for hassle-free drinking that ensures it is an accessible gift for all employees or clients.

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