Gym Giveaways For Classpass

Returning client ClassPass recently got in contact with their dedicated account manager Laura in search of branded gym giveaways. ClassPass is an online subscription app designed to help you find and access the most convenient gym classes for you.  With over 250,000 members and over 20,000 fitness studios and gym classes around the world, they use a lot of branded merchandise to promote their services to new gyms and clients.

The Gym Giveaways Challenge

For their most recent order of branded merchandise ClassPass wanted to test our strength and challenged us to beat our personal best by sourcing 10 different promotional items. Luckily for ClassPass their personal trainer, sorry account manager, Laura never skips a sesh. Challenge accepted!

The Warm-up

Custom Shaped Stress Balls

All good workouts start with a warm-up. Being experts in custom designed products, sourcing these custom shaped stress ball proved a nice introduction to our 10 piece merchandise challenge. Warm-ups are used to ease you into exercise both mentally and physically. So, if you’re looking to de-stress before your workout then these custom shaped stress balls come in handy. Definitely not one for lightweights, these gym giveaways make an ideal desk accessory that can be used to release those workplace tensions. Placed on your clients desk these branded stress balls are both a subtle reminder to head to the gym after work and of course, of your company brand.

Gym Giveaways Custom Stress Balls In Weights Shape
Branded Cindy Bands

Got a bit of a mop on top? Then you’ll know how irritating it is to have it flapping about during your workout. It’s best to tie it back before you begin. If you’ve ever used an elasticated hair tie you’ll know that, as useful as they are, they have a habit of going missing. This is what makes branded Cindy bands such a handy gym giveaway, no more having your locks get you down.

The Workout

Now for the main event, sweat bands are on, things are getting serious. Time to source the core workout gym giveaways.

Branded gym clothing

Unless you’re attending naked yoga classes, and it’s cool if you are – we’re not judging, gym clothes are essential for your workouts. Whilst breaking a sweat is healthy it can also be pretty gross, resulting in various bacteria growth on your workout kit that causes a not so fresh scent. With the average gym member going twice a week, (although three is the recommended minimum), there’s a high chance that you’re workout kit will be found in the laundry hamper just as you’re heading out the door for your zumbe class! This is why promotional t-shirts and vests make great, useful gym giveaways. Not only are they handy but they also show off your brand in the very environment your target market uses. Perfect for increasing relevant brand exposure. ClassPass opted for branded women’s gym vests and men’s promotional t-shirts.

Gym Giveaways T-Shirt And Stationery
Promotional Protein Shakers

Whilst not all gym goers drink protein, it is safe to say that all protein drinkers go to the gym. Ok, maybe this isn’t 100% accurate, but it’s fair to say fitness fanatics like their protein shakes. So what better gym giveaway to gift? Logo printed protein shakers puts your brand in their hands and helps to keep you at the forefront of their minds.

Gym Giveaways Protien Shaker With Logo
Promotional Phone Grips

A new promotional product for account manager Laura, these logo printed phone grips took her workout to the next level. Whilst you’re not supposed to be playing on your phone when exercising, they are a useful distraction from what many find a laborious task (we’re looking at your treadmill). Of course, if you do use your phone whilst exercising you’ll appreciate that they can be difficult to keep a hold of. Promotional phone grips are ideal for keeping your phone firmly in your hand. Simply stick them on the back of your device and viola!

The Cool Down

Promotional Stationery and Tote Bags

It’s important to cool down from a workout. For Laura this consisted of promotional merchandise staples; branded sticky notes and To Do pads, promotional pens and logo printed tote bags. Being merchandise Laura has done many times before, they were nice items to finish her challenge with.

It is easy to see why ClassPass wanted promotional stationery, not only is it incredibly useful but it is also effective. A survey, conducted by the British Promotional Merchandise Association, found that 83% of participants had purchased from companies they’d received promotional products from, with 93% of respondents stating that the promotional products on their desks increased awareness of a brand. As for having their own logo printed tote bags, these are both useful and environmentally friendly by encouraging others to pass on single-use plastic bags. They’re also really good for carrying those awkward shaped gym accessories like yoga mats, making them a useful gym giveaway.

Get Your Own Gym Giveaways

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