How employee incentives & gifting can become key to your staff retention

Staffbase’s summer gift sets for employees

Right now you’d expect Covid to be the biggest challenge facing businesses, but it isn’t, recruitment is! “Since Coronavirus, our number one priority is recruitment.” I read this often from companies in different industries: retail, leisure, recruitment, IT and banking. Employers all over the country have been hit with the perfect storm of the Covid pandemic, the Brexit exodus and people reevaluating their work/life balance and trying something completely new.

Wages are one way to address the problem, but another and more proactive way is to show your existing employees that you value and care for them. Talent retention is the key to addressing a recruitment problem. Motivating and nurturing employees is vital when it comes to improving staff retention but home working has made this all the more challenging! Never has there been a better time to review what additional steps your company can take to help promote greater employee loyalty.

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Rewards, perks and incentives are a great way to lift morale, improve productivity and increase loyalty and when staff feel valued they perform better! Doing this doesn’t need to cost the world, but whatever you do does need to be well thought out and targeted to your brand and your team. 

We don’t pretend to be recruitment specialists, however, we are very good at producing branded merchandise items that make people feel loved, valued and part of the team.

This year we have worked with a number of small and large organisations helping them to show some employees love by producing well thought out branded swag to help boost morale and show the love. The results have been brilliant and you can read all about them in our showroom pieces below. Invest energy on your team now and spend less money on recruitment later.

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