With more and more people now working from home, you might be re-evaluating your marketing plans and wondering just how on earth you are going to reach out to prospective clients.

As the government encourage as many people to work from home as possible and public transport reporting massive falls in use during this pandemic, printed advertising will undoubtedly garner fewer impressions.

Whilst online business has increased as a result of working from home, for those without big online advertising budgets, it has made it even more difficult to reach your clients.

So, how can you get your brand noticed during such uncharted times? Well, we think branded merchandise might just be your saviour and a way to reach your clients directly whilst they are working from home.

With a seemingly endless list of items to choose from and lots of choices when it comes to customisation, promotional products offer plenty of variety for all kinds of budgets. Additionally, they offer lots of long-lasting brand exposure and are the U.K’s most preferred type of advertising.Here’s the items we think are great for the age of working from home.

Branded Laptop Bags

Laptop bags and cases have always been a useful promotional item for those that work out and about. At the moment there’s a lot of people using laptops to work from home and having a safe case for it is essential. From dogs to tiny toddlers, your laptop has never faced so many threats as in the home!

promotional laptop messenger bag

Branded Mugs

From a cuppa to a coffee, there’s a reason mugs are one of the most popular promotional products ever. The British Promotional Merchandise Association found mugs to be the second most popular promotional item with 65% of participants having one on their desk. Humble they might be, but they offer regular brand exposure at a reasonable price. With low minimum order quantities, they are ideal for those not looking for large numbers.

Promotional Coffee Cups

Wireless Desk Chargers

Wireless Desk Chargers are convenient for those with work phones. Whilst wireless charging, they can be picked up and put back down on charge without the need to constantly plug in a cable. They are a modern desk-based item of branded merchandise that has a high-perceived value and a great branding area.

Premium Branded Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Wireless Mouse

Whilst many work from home laptops have built-in touch pads, these aren’t ideal for everyone, particularly those using Adobe programmes that can prove a little fiddly without a mouse. This makes a wireless mouse an incredibly useful item of promotional merchandise for anyone working at home. Branded with your logo they are a subtle but appreciated item of promotional merchandise.

Promotional Gadget- Branded Wireless Mouse, black with company logo

Mouse Mats

Mousemats aren’t widely used but for those who have been told to work from home and are using a mouse, mousepads are ideal for preventing scratches to your desk or table. A relatively low cost give away with a large branding area.

Eco-Friendly mouse mat


Pens are by far the most popular promotional product ever. Much like the humble mug, they often get overlooked but in a survey by the BPMA 89% of people had a promotional pen on their desk. A whopping 83% of the surveys respondents were able to recall a companies name from the branded merchandise on their desk and the same percentage had purchased from companies who had given them promotional products. This shows that pens are more than just a useful promotional product but also a highly effective one.

Biodegradable Bic® Branded Pen

Promotional Plants

If you’re looking to cheer up those not used to working from home with something a little special then why not consider a house plant? Studies have shown that house plants provide an array of benefits such as; improving concentration, increasing productivity and reducing stress levels! With everything from branded seed packs, succulents in clay pots and even bonsai trees, there’s a plant for all kinds of working from home setups.

Branded Succulent Pots

Corporate Cake

Another way of cheering people up, of course, is cake. There’s not many moods that a slice of cake can’t change for the better. You might be wondering how on earth you can get cake delivered to your clients. Well, here at Brandelity, we like to get creative and have a cake that you can post right through the letter box! You can keep it classy with a large lemon sponge or make modern with brownie bites, either way we reckon they’ll go down a treat.

These are challenging times for lots of business, but together we can get your promotions out there and be ready for when things get back to normal. For all promotional product enquries, get in touch on 01753 491470 or send us an email to sales@brandelity.com.