Carbon Footprint

Whether it’s from environmentally conscious staff or boardroom targets, the pressure is now on for businesses to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. There is no denying that the world is facing a serious environmental crisis. Businesses that aren’t seen to be doing their bit may not only struggle to attract new clients, but they may also struggle to attract the best talent.

Lowering the amount of energy your office uses, switching to a green or renewable energy tariff and cutting down on work-related air travel will no doubt have the biggest impact on your carbon footprint, however, there are many other small initiatives you can implement that will also significantly improve things.

One simple way is to arm your staff and customers with items that enable and encourage them to move away from single-use plastics and over to reusable alternatives. The aim here is to drive a change in behaviour. Everyday reusable alternatives such as Coffee Cups, Lunchboxes, Beeswax Sandwich wraps, Metal Straws, Water Bottles and Bags will all make a positive impact on your company’s carbon footprint. Each of these items can be customised with your company’s logo and message, so whilst you are helping your employees to save the planet, they’re helping promote your company’s brand.

We offer ready-made “pass-on-plastic” packs for those looking for multiple items as well as individual items, all with low minimum order quantities so that you only have to purchase what you need, this is important because after all, we don’t want to encourage waste.

More detailed information on each of these items and their eco credentials is below.

Recycled AmericanoRecycled Americano Eco Coffee Cup

The cup itself is made of 100% recycled PP plastic and the lid is made of food grade PP plastic. Durable, double-walled and with a secure twist-on spill-proof lid, the Eco Americano is also manufactured without silicone for a fully recyclable mug.

Metal Lunch Box Branded 3A Steely Good Wood Lunch Box

We love these Steely Good Wood Lunch Boxes which come engraved with your logo or design. Available in 2 different capacities, these high quality steel lunch boxes have a tight fit bamboo lid and come with an elasticated close band which can be put over the lunch box to ensure it stays tightly closed.

Beeswax Wrap Pack New2Branded Beeswax Sandwich Wraps

These reusable, handmade beeswax wraps can be used instead of clingfilm for protecting food.  Wraps last a year and unlike clingfilm, which contributes to plastic pollution, our branded beeswax wraps are compostable. Our Branded Beeswax Wraps Packs are fully customisable.

Set Of 2 Branded Metal Straws With Pouch &Amp; Cleaning BrushMetal Straws

Made from stainless steel these straws can be reused again and again for years to come. Each pack contains 2 stainless steel straws and a handy straw cleaner. Our branded straws come engraved with your logo in a cotton bag which can also be printed with your branding.

Eco H20 Spouter BottleEco Ocean Spouter Bottle

The Eco Ocean Spouter Bottle is a single-wall sport bottle with ergonomic design, made from Prevented Ocean Plastic. The plastic is collected within 50 km of an ocean coastline or major waterway that feeds into the ocean. This is then sorted and transformed into high quality, food-safe recycled plastic.

Gjcott Cotton Bag 12Natural Cotton Tote Bag

The 5oz cotton tote bag is one of the best selling promotional products in the market right now. It has eco-appeal, a large print area offering lots of brand awareness and offers everyday usability across a wide audience. What more could you ask for from a promotional gift?