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Here at Brandelity we love us some shades! They offer our eyes safety from harmful UV-rays whilst also helping us to look stylish, or so we hope. Being a cost-effective, colourful and incredibly useful item, sunglasses are unparalleled when it comes to promotional merchandise. So, as part of International Sunglasses Day, we thought we’d share some useful and fun facts about Sunglasses.

We could all do with a spare pair

Whilst we should all wear sunglasses, we often don’t have them at hand when needed. In the U.K, sunglasses are one of the most misplaced items by adults, whilst in the U.S a pair of sunglasses is lost, misplaced or sat on every 14 minutes! Suffice to say we would all appreciate a spare pair, making them a handy promotional giveaway for just about anyone.

There’s safety in numbers

The saying “There’s safety in numbers” is particularly true when it comes to sunglasses. Good quality sunglasses should offer 100% UV protection, also known as UV 400. Anything less than this will not offer adequate protection and could cause damage to your eyes. Whilst much of the damage caused by UV rays to the eyes takes years to become apparent, there is also the risk of a more immediate illness called Photokeratitis –  commonly referred to as sunburn of the eyes, ouch! Here at Brandelity we only supply UV 400 sunglasses, so you can rest assured that all of our shades will help to keep your eyes protected.


Sam Foster sold the first pair of ‘modern’ styled sunglasses from his store in Atlantic City, USA in 1929 but their origins go back much further.

It is thought the first sunglasses were made in 12th century China, where the lenses were made of flat panes of smoky quartz and used not only in an attempt to protect the eyes but also worn by court judges to maintain anonymity. Thankfully our shades aren’t made of flattened gemstones, but we do offer our eco-chic Woody Sunglasses which have distinctive bamboo arms which can be engraved with your company logo.

logo on sunglasses

So many Sunnies

Sunglasses are synonymous with the singer Elton John and he has admitted to owning over 250,000 pairs! That’s thought to be the largest collection in the world. Whilst we can’t compete with Elton’s collection, we do have eight different standard frame styles, various colour options, two lens types and five different branding options and you can select your shades HERE.

Whether you’re seeking a great promotional merchandise item to increase your brand exposure, or promote better eye care amongst event delegates or employees, sunglasses are a favourite for everybody. You can view our wide range of sunglasses by using the button below: