Branded Paper Straws

You’ve probably seen or heard people discussing last weeks shocking BBC documentary “Drowning In Plastic”. The show highlighted the incredible amount of plastic waste entering our oceans and the devastating impact it is having on marine life. Whilst all kinds of plastic enter our oceans, one of the easiest items to replace for an environmentally friendly version are plastic straws. Much like plastic bags, whose use is reducing significantly, plastic straws are very easy to substitute and unlike other plastics are incredibly hard to segregate at waste recovery.

Whilst larger items such as plastic bottles can be picked up by technology at waste centres and recovered for recycling, straws are too small to be noticed. The result is nearly all plastic straws enter landfill or our oceans which, with each taking anywhere from 200 to 1000 years to fully breakdown, are wreaking havoc on sea life. The effects of plastic straw pollution affecting marine animals were demonstrated in the now infamous video of a sea turtle having a plastic straw removed from its nostril. The video has over 16 million views and is harrowing to watch. The video inspired the ‘Stop Sucking’ and the ‘Final Straw’ movement, which in turn has resulted in both governments and business enacting to reduce needless plastic waste. Some, such as Wetherspoons and Mcdonalds, have even switched from plastic straws entirely which will hopefully help to reduce the estimated 8.5 Billion plastic straws used each year!

8.5 Billion waste plastic straws

We have had a lot of request from our clients seeking ways to Pass On Plastic and one of the most popular products requested is Branded Paper Straws. As a result, we are now offering printed paper straws that can be branded with your logo. Like plastic straws, branded paper straws are disposable, therefore addressing concerns regarding hygiene, but are significantly more environmentally friendly, biodegrading in as little as 180 days. 

Printed paper straws can be branded with your logo and other artwork meaning the design possibilities are limitless. They can be used anywhere plastic straws are currently in use such as cafes, bars and restaurants.They also make for a very cost effective piece of promotional merchandise at events that proves highly useful, whilst having the added bonus of showing your brand is environmentally aware.

If you would like to find out more about getting your own branded paper straws then more product information can be found here. To speak to us directly, use the contact button below to call or email one of our friendly sales team.