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Commerical PinsHistory of Promotional Products

The first promotional product on record in the United States dates back to 1789, during the election of George Washington. The commemorative buttons that were used during his campaign mark the beginning of promotional products. Washington’s campaign success sparked the use of other promotional items, from calendars and wood specialities, such as rulers. While these promotional items existed, it wasn’t until later in the 19th century that people started to catch on to the idea of creating and distributing promotional products.

There was little to any impact on promotional items when promotional items started to get popular. They weren’t thought through or cared for but at the end of the day, people at trade events or exhibitions go home with something branded in hopes of some brand awareness. A lot of these items weren’t eco-conscious but added to the plastic waste problem that we now currently face.

Present Promotional Products

Nowadays promotional items are more eco-friendly and sustainable in which businesses are more conscious of what they are buying. They are useful products and solve a problem that helps customers engage with the product and organisation. We have a wide range of branded products that are perfect for trade shows & events that will impress the recipients and make your brand memorable whilst also offering long-standing brand awareness.

One of the best ways to promote zero-waste gifts for business prospects is to get branded merch made from items that people will actually use rather than throw away, which supports lowering our eco-footprint. Here at Brandelity we pride ourselves not only on the job we do but the way we do it. For too long now the promotional merchandise market has been wasteful and thoughtless when it comes to flooding the world with pointless little bits of plastic upon which a logo is printed. We will only ever print a client’s logo on useful, sustainably produced promotional items and one that helps solve a problem, not cause one. Our experienced team will make sure your brand stays memorable and for the right reasons.

There has been a monumental shift in the number of companies looking to invest in promotional merchandise items with a sustainable eco-edge, in fact it is pretty much a mandatory requirement when it comes to selecting the most suitable promotional swag. Some of our top eco promotional products are:

Promotional Giveaways

In 2017 the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) conducted a study in which a whopping 66.3% of participants said they used promotional merchandise for trade shows. One of the best ways to increase your brand awareness is giving people more chances to see the brand or product which is why promotional giveaways at trade show and events do so well. Our Top 3 promotional items for 2022 are:

Evo Recycled Tote Bag

1. Tote Bags

Branded tote bags are a staple of trade shows. You will see thousands of visitors walking around flashing the brands of exhibiting companies which gives them low cost brand awareness. Cotton tote bags are more eco-friendly than plastic carriers.

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Branded Pride Merchandise Logo Printed T Shirt2. T-Shirts

Branded apparel can work as a promotional giveaway, especially if your brand is well known and holds value or you have a fun design, but branded staff t-shirts are a more common purchase. These will ensure your employees are instantly recognisable to potential clients and look professional.

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3. Seed Plants Wooden Promotional Flower Pot

Promotional plants, pots and seeds are the perfect eco-friendly branded gift if you are looking for something environmentally-friendly with a difference. These quirky products will get you noticed and will always be received with a smile. Promotional plant products make for a low cost and high-value promotional items.

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