Pantone Matched Promotional Merchandise

What is Pantone Matching?

For those not familiar with Pantone Matching, it is essentially a standardised colour matching system used within the printing industry for everything from billboards to Pantone matched promotional merchandise. As mentioned in our previous blog, there’s a lot of different printing methods available. Each of these different printing methods produce colours in their own format. Often these variations in colour are only minor, however sometimes they are more obvious.

The Pantone Matching service gives a specific colour to your brand that makes it accessible to all printers through its colour standardised system. This means those in print have a universally accepted colour guide to refer to, ensuring colours remain consistent across various print methods and printing companies. A simple guide to what Pantones are can be seen in the video below.


Pantone Colours are chosen by companies to ensure their branding remains consistent. Some companies are so adamant on claiming their Pantone Colour they’ve even trademarked them. Famous examples of this include Louboutin’s Culte Chinese Red (Pantone 18-1993 TCX), Tiffany’s Blue (Pantone 1837) and Cadbury’s Purple (Pantone 2685 C). The latter of which has been embroiled in numerous legal battles regarding its claim to this colour since 1995!

With such great efforts going into ensuring brand consistency, it is understandable that some companies also want their promotional merchandise to be Pantone matched.

Cadbury Pantone Colour dispute

Why Pantone Match Your Merchandise?

Pantone matched promotional merchandise really conveys your branding across to users, making any branded merchandise item instantaneously synonyms with your brand. It also increases perceived value of merchandise and gives it a professional finish.

By using your exact corporate colours, Pantone matched merchandise also distinguishes your promotional products from other similar ones your client may have received. These additional touches really help in reinforcing your branding.

Popular Pantone Matched Merchandise

We offer a variety of Pantone Matched promotional merchandise items, here are our most popular items:

Pantone Matched Drinkware

Reusable drinkware has become one of our most popular promotional products and it’s easy to see why. As we’ve mentioned in this blog post, single use plastic has become a major pollutant of our oceans and with over 1 million plastic bottles brought around the world every minute, drinkware plays a huge part in this. Thankfully more and more individuals and companies have become aware of this and are now opting for reusable alternatives such as stainless steel drink bottles. Long lasting and incredibly useful, they make perfect promotional products, offering repeated brand exposure over a prolonged period of time.
This exposure can be further harnessed to maximise your branding impact by using your specific brands Pantone Colours.

If you’re more into your coffee don’t fret, we also have our reusable Claro Glass Coffee Cups that can be Pantone Matched to your company colours.

Pantone Matched Promotional Merchandise drinks bottle for LG electronics

Pantone Match For Stand Out Stationery

Stationery remains a classic promotional giveaway and is requested by the majority of our clients. This comes as no surprise as in a recent survey, conducted by the BPMA, nearly half of respondents had a staggering 4 or more promotional products on their desks. They also found an astonishing 83% of respondents were able to name a brand, company or organisation featured on the promotional merchandise on their desk. The most popular items of promotional stationery were pens and notepads. Always useful to have at hand, they are appreciated promotional gifts. However, with promotional stationery being so abundant on desks it is vital that yours remains distinctive. By selecting Pantone Matched notepads and pens your promotional stationery will stand out from other brands that have opted to use standard colour options.

Pantone Matched Promotional Merchandise notepads for Princes foods

Pantone Matched Umbrellas For That Professional Finish

We Brits spend over 4 and a half months talking about the weather in our lifetimes. With a predictably unpredictable climate we appreciate having a brolly to hand. Here at Brandelity we love a good brolly, so much so that we even wrote a whole post about how they’re an excellent choice of branded merchandise. With an average of 156.2 days of rainfall a year in the U.K, promotional umbrellas are incredibly useful. It’s unsurprising therefore that 83% of respondents said they’d keep a promotional umbrella for this very reason. On average promotional printed umbrellas are kept for 14 months and will generate a staggering 1,331 impressions during this time. Pantone matched promotional umbrellas really stand out on a soggy day. There’s hoards of people sheltering under black or blue brollies, but very few under a Pantone matching canopy, which is why Pantone matched promotional umbrellas are so distinctive and professional looking.

Pantone Matched Promotional Merchandise umbrella for Caterpillar

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