Promotional Power Banks

We’ve all been there, you’re out and about and your phone dies. In an instant you’ve lost access to your camera, sat-nav, social media, messages and of course your ability to make and receive calls. With all these uses it’s no wonder smartphone batteries don’t last as long as their less sophisticated predecessors.

Our demands from our phones are at their greatest but unfortunately the technology behind the batteries that power them isn’t set to advanced radically any time soon. Whilst there have been small improvements, the lithium-ion batteries found in our smartphones hasn’t changed much since their development in the 1970’s. With noticeable improvements a long way off, the power bank is the only answer to a regular problem faced by many. So, why does all this make them the must have in promotional tech merchandise? Here’s why:

It’s highly likely your clients use a smartphone

With 36% of the world’s population expected to use a smartphone by 2019 (a staggering 2.5 billion people!) it’s highly likely that many, if not most, of your clients will have one. With dated lithium-ion batteries powering them that really is a lot of people struggling to stay powered up throughout their day whilst using a mobile…mobily.

Power banks solve this problem much better than any other alternatives. Car charging USB ports are often painfully slow and staking out the all illusive charging point on a train or public venue can prove time consuming. None compare to the portability and convenience of a power bank. Branded power banks will likely prove incredibly useful for many of your clients – a quality the British Promotional Merchandise Association identified as the most important factor in what makes the perfect promotional product based. Additionally, power banks are often perceived as a high value promotional gift, which could result in those receiving one feeling appreciated, something the BPMA also identified as an effect quality promotional promotional merchandise can create.

They’re great for brand exposure and reinforcement

With smartphone batteries being unreliable anyone away from home for more than a few hours will benefit from that vital battery boost that a promotional power bank can provide. It also means they can quite easily become an integral part of someone’s daily life. This would therefore provide repeated brand exposure in a non obtrusive way, an ideal way to keep your brand at the forefront of your clients minds all with a branded power bank.

Additionally, with them being ideal for ; day trips, nights out and holiday travels they are often used in a public environment which has the additional benefit of exposing your brand to a wider audience. Making it very economical to use logo printed power banks as part of your promotional product strategy.

Their long lasting and so is their need

As mentioned, smartphone batteries aren’t set to improve drastically in the near future. This means the need for portable and convenient methods of charging your smartphone are going to be a priority for most smartphone users for the foreseeable future. Investing in promotional power banks isn’t buying into a fleeting fad but ensuring your brand is associated with a beneficial product to the user that will likely be used for years to come. Proving logo printed power banks a very cost-effective choice of promotional merchandise.

Here at Brandelity we have a wide range of promotional power banks that can be printed with your company logo. With various battery storage capacities available we have promotional power banks to suit all budgets. We can even create custom moulded promotional power banks for those seeking a more distinctive power bank to give to their clients.

All of our power banks are capable of charging the leading brands of smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, Android and Samsung phones. In addition to this our promotional power banks can also charge other portable electronic devices such as Tablets and Kindles and some of them can charge multiple devices at once.

To view our full range of promotional power banks CLICK HERE , and if you have any queries about our logo printed power banks you can contact us today on 0800 6891701 or email us at