D6 Recycled Mini Pen

Product: PR:01 

Just 124.6 mm long, the D6 Recycled Mini Pen fits easily into your bag and gives you exactly the right amount of writing instrument that you need to write for a long time, in high quality and in perfect comfort. Made from 100% Recycled ABS, produced with 40% lower CO2 emissions than standard ABS thanks to a special process. 

The communication potential of the writing instrument can be further enhanced through the digital Cloud Services that connects the pen to a special landing page via a QR Code printed on the clip. Simply scan the QR code and check-out the landing page it’s set to. The style of the QR Code can be customized with up to two colours, in addition to a white background and protective lacquer, with four types of pattern design. 

Minimum Order Quantity: 500

Prodir D6 Recycled Mini Pen product information:

Minimum Order Quantity: 500 units

Pen Type: Twist pen

Ink Type: Blue or Black  Material: 100% Recycled ABS 

Branding Location: Clip or Barrel*        Print Options: Screen Print (Max 6 colours)

Print Area: Clip: 30mm x 7mm Barrel: 40mm x 4mm 

*Please note pen comes embossed with ABS Recycled, Co2 and Prodir logo on the top of barrel

QR Cloud Services: Printed to the Clip 33mm 7 mm (2 colours)

Colour Options: White, Black, Yellow, Red, Purple, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green

Colours For Ds6 Mini Pen

Cloud Services Pen

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