D8 Biotic Pen

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The innovative D8 Biotic pen combines maximum sustainability with everlasting design and top-level ergonomics. A combination of characteristics that makes it friendly to human beings and the environment. The revolutionary material Prodir uses was developed in cooperation with the Turin-based MAIP Group, a world-leading supplier of sustainable and innovative biopolymer solutions. Push ballpoint pen with casing, push button and clip made from biobased, biodegradable biopolymers (PHA), available in eight naturally matt standard colours from snow white to coral orange to sky.

The communication potential of the writing instrument can be further enhanced through the digital Cloud Services that connects the pen to a special landing page via a QR Code printed on the clip. Simply scan the QR code and check-out the landing page it’s set to. The style of the QR Code can be customized with up to two colours, in addition to a white background and protective lacquer, with four types of pattern design. 

Minimum Order Quantity: 500

Prodir D8 Biotic Pen product information:

Minimum Order Quantity: 500 units

Pen Type: Push ballpoint pen

Ink Type: Blue or Black  Material: Biobased, biodegradable biopolymers (PHA)

Branding Location: Clip or Barrel*        Print Options: Screen Print (Max 6 colours)

Print Area: Clip: 36mm x 7mm Barrel: 36mm x 5 mm 

*Please note pen comes embossed with True Biotic, and Prodir logo on the top of each side of barrel

QR Cloud Services: Printed to the Clip or Barrel 33mm x 7 mm (2 colours)

Colour Options: 8 Matt Standard Colours 

Alga, Snow, blue Sea, Coral, Night, Sea Shell, Sea Salt and Sky


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