Wheat straw Bluetooth® speaker

Product: SP12413802

This Wheat straw Bluetooth® speaker is made of wheat straw and plastic material mixed together, reducing the amount of plastic needed. The speaker produces crystal clear sound at over 1.5 hours playback time at maximum volume with 3W output. Bluetooth® 5.0. It comes packaged in an individual gift box and delivered with an instruction manual (both made of sustainable material). Micro-USB charging cable is included. 51% Wheat straw and 49% PP Plastic.

Minimum order quantity is 50 units.

Minimum Order Quantity: 50 units

Product Dimensions: 50 x 57mm       Weight: 140g

Casing Material: wheat straw and plastic material   Loudspeaker Output: 3w

Working Range: Up to 10m     Working Time: approx. 1.5 hours (volume dependent)

Branding Options: Digital Print or Padprint

Print Area: speaker grill or front

Colour Options: Beige

*Each unit comes individually boxed.


Wheat Straw Speaker

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