In recent years, branded corporate clothing has become increasingly popular as a way to promote a company’s brand and create a sense of unity among employees. Butternut Box, a UK-based fresh dog food delivery company, is no exception. 

Butternut Box is a London-based dog food company that prides itself on providing healthy and nutritious meals for dogs that are delivered directly to your door. Since its inception in 2016, the company has been on a mission to improve the lives of dogs everywhere. In celebration of their anniversary, Butternut Box decided to create a line of corporate clothing to be worn by its staff. The purpose of the clothing was to commemorate the company’s milestone while also promoting its brand. 

The clothing line included t-shirts, sweatshirts, baby grows, socks, and all featuring the company’s branding and furry friends. They also created a tote bag with their animal pals on for Poland! 

Branded corporate clothing helps to create a professional and cohesive image for the company. When all employees are dressed in the same branded apparel, it presents a unified front and gives the impression of a well-organised and professional company. This can be especially important for a company like Butternut Box, where lots of time is spent interacting with customers or clients at events. 

Another great reason to invest in corporate clothing is that it can serve as a marketing tool. Every time an employee wears a branded item of clothing, they are effectively advertising the company. This is why Butternut Box chose clothing in company colours, branded in a way that highlights the brand’s unique personality. It will help to raise brand awareness and subsequently, more awareness of the company and its services. 

We’re confident that branded corporate clothing will bring numerous benefits to Butternut Box and its employees. As mentioned, it can create a professional and cohesive image, serve as a promotional tool, promote a sense of belonging among employees and be a comfortable, practical choice for staff. As such, investing in branded corporate clothing is a smart move for any company looking to build a strong brand and a loyal team.

We hope Butternut Box love their corporate clothing as much as we do and that it builds brand loyalty and a sense of community among their staff! 

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