Branded Rcups On Desk

Branded Rcup Statistic 2.5 Billion Disposable Cups Used Each YearRecently, National Air Traffic Services enquired about getting branded, reusable drinkware as a way to reduce single use plastics within their organisation. Founded in 2000 but with origins going all the way back to a 1920’s Croydon Airbase, NATS are a joint public-private enterprise that specialise in services for the aviation industry. They offer comprehensive services to assist with technical, financial and environmental air solutions. After browsing our range of Eco promotional drinkware they took a shine to the rCup, the world’s first reusable cup made from used cups.  We sent them a sample and they really liked the product and it’s easy to see why. With it’s 100% leak proof design, 360 degree sip cup lid and insulated walls capable of keeping your drink warm for up to 90 minutes, branded rCups are one of the most sophisticated options when it comes to printed promotional drinkware.

Branded Rcup Colour OptionsBranded rCups are also one of the most cost effective branded drinkware investments for any business seeking to reduce their expenditure on, and volume of, single use plastic waste. With a warranty of 10 years and replacement lids available, branded rCups are designed to last. Additionally rCups are also BPA free and dishwasher safe which makes them easy and convenient for your employees to switch to in comparison to other branded drinkware that is often hand wash only.

With over 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups used each year in the U.K and each taking up 50 years to decompose, it is imperative all companies look at how they can reduce their reliance on single use plastics. As NATS discovered, one of the easiest and most affordable workplace practices to implement is the replacement of everyday single use plastic drinkware with re-usable alternatives such as their branded rCups. The rCup fulfills this by not only reducing the usage of new disposable coffee cups, but also helps in recycling those that have already been used!

All of our branded rCups come printed with your company logo and there are an array of colours available. You can view our rCup product page here.

To get a quick, no obligation quote, for your own branded rCups you can contact us here.