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February is LGBT history month in the U.K. The purpose of this month is to commemorate, educate and celebrate both past and present issues, achievements and contributions associated with members of the LGBT community.

LGBT History Month and Pride Stats

London Pride 2019 Visitor statisticThe event originated in the U.S in 1994 and has since been adopted by other nations. The first LGBT history month took place within the U.K in 2005 and unlike its U.S counterpart, is celebrated in February as it is a quieter month academically which allows for those within education more time to commemorate this month with their students. In the U.K last year there were a staggering 1,500 events across the country for LGBT history month and 64 Pride events throughout the year. The biggest of these being London Pride, which was estimated to have had 1.5 million visitors! LGBT history month and Pride events have really grown over recent years and as more companies seek to encourage and promote inclusivity and equality in their organisations, these events are often sponsored by and participated in by such companies. Last year London Pride was sponsored by an array of organisations from Barclays Bank, Budweiser,Tesco and even Puregym. Pride events also welcome charities and smaller organisations promoting services for the LGBT community. One thing they all have in common when attending these events is their desire to show their pride with a variety of logo printed pride merchandise.

We do LGBT and Pride Merchandise Products

Last year we supported Yo! , a London 2018 Pride sponsor, with some of their own pride merchandise with these rainbow whistles. A perfect giveaway that showed Yo! were both loud and proud.

Of course, LGBT merchandise doesn’t have to be limited to Pride events or LGBT history month with Vodafone ordering these fabulous Verona Stainless Steel Drinks Bottles featuring their logo with an incorporated Rainbow Flag for their employees. A piece of LGBT merchandise that can be used all year round.

Pride merchandise statistic blogLooking to get your own logo printed Pride Merchandise?

If your company are attending, sponsoring or simply wishing to show their support and solidarity with the LGBT community at an event, then be sure to check out our LGBT merchandise range.All of our LGBT products come printed with your company logo. You can view our LGBT merchandise page here.

If you’re organisation are specifically attending a pride event then our advice to you would be that louder is prouder when it comes to your product choice. Think bold and bright with rainbow designs. If you need some inspiration then our pride merchandise page is a great place to start. Alternatively you can contact our friendly sales team who will be more than happy to offer their advice on all things LGBT merchandise related. You can contact them by calling 01753 491470 or emailing them at