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Branded umbrellas useful statisticThey’re really useful!

With an average of 156.2 days rainfall each year in the U.K umbrellas aren’t just for avoiding the drip, drip, drop of the April Showers. Umbrellas are one of the most useful products anyone can own and with ‘usefullness’ being the top quality people look for in the ‘perfect promotional gift’, as found by the British Promotional Merchandise Association, it is no surprise that 83% of consumers say they would keep a promotional umbrella for this reason.


Branded umbrellas make a big impression statistic

Branded Umbrellas make a big impression

In fact branded umbrellas are kept on average for 14 months which is nearly double that of other promotional products which on average are only kept for 8 months! Being kept and used so much is great at increasing brand exposure as it is not only the recipient who sees your branding but anyone in their vicinity when using it. Over a promotionally branded umbrellas lifespan they will generate a staggering 1,300 impressions. This makes branded umbrellas an incredibly cost efficient promotional product with few comparative promotional products or advertising methods that garner soo many low cost impressions over such a lengthy period of time!


branded umbrellas appeal to all age groups statistic

Umbrellas have a universal appeal

Whilst they are an incredibly universal promotional product they do seem to be valued more by certain demographics. Whilst there isn’t a significant gender difference, females are slightly more likely to own a promotional branded umbrella than males (28% v 22%). A more significant trend in branded umbrellas is the the increase in ownership correlating with an increase in age with 18-34 year olds 15% less likely to own a promotional umbrella compared to those aged 65+. This said, as with gender, their appeal is still broad in all age groups 35 and over.


branded umbrellas bring in business statistic

Branded umbrellas bring in business

We think by now you’ll agree that logo branded umbrellas really are a great promotional product! This is all without us mentioning that more than half of consumers state they are more likely to do business with a business that gave them a branded umbrella. Branded umbrellas really are one of the best promotional products you could invest in. All of our promotional umbrellas come printed with your logo and you can view them here. Our Eco Umbrella is one of our favourite promotional umbrellas at present. This Eco branded umbrella offers all the benefits of a promotional umbrella whilst being environmentally friendly with recycled PET bottles being used to make its cover and thereby giving a second life to plastic waste.

All of our umbrellas come printed with your logo and you can view them all here!

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