Trustpilot Review

Star Property Group began buying “buy to let” properties in 2010. Diversification has led to rapid growth and their now impressive portfolio is worth over £65 million pound. The company have hired experts in areas such as law and insurance to ensure they can offer a cohesive and streamlined service to their clients. It was their growing Star Law division that required new merchandise for a promotional push. The challenge was to provide Pantone matched merchandise that was also able to facilitate the company’s full-colour shaded logo. 

Trustpilot Review Conor Riley 1The merchandise was to be part of a Christmas marketing campaign where they were taken to agents across the Brighton and Hove area to introduce the new Star Law company and the services they offer. For the marketing campaign to be effective, the merchandise had to be a useful, everyday item that would offer Star Property repeated brand exposure. We also wanted a high-end finish to be in keeping with the brand’s image. The perfect item was the Pantone Matched Claro Cup. A reusable, glass coffee cup with a colour matched lid and sleeve. This weighty, eco-friendly item has a premium feel and the sleeve can be branded with a heat transfer print, allowing for their shaded star design.

We thought the end result looked great and Star Property Group did too, leaving us our 100th review on Trustpilot

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