Learn About Rpet And Our Top Rpet Promotional Gifts

What is PET?

Plastic is an extremely useful material. Polyethylene terephthalate (known as PET) is a very commonly used plastic. It’s low cost, very durable and highly resistant to pretty much everything and it is fair to say that it has revolutionized the way we live. In 2019 alone the world produced 368 million metric tons of the stuff. The problem however is that on average, it takes a staggering 450 years for PET to fully biodegrade and that is a very big problem for our planet.

PET is what is known as a virgin plastic, which means it has been newly created from raw/non-recycled materials. The good news is that PET plastic (including plastic bottles) is 100% recyclable, which means that it can be recycled time and time again. We believe strongly that producing virgin plastic for promotional swag should be avoided when possible.


What is rPET?

The “r” in rPET stands for Recycled. rPET is literally Recycled PET plastic and it can be used to make a wide range of useful products without having to exhaust any natural resources! This can sometimes be referred to as PCR Plastic, meaning post-consumer recycled plastic. We are all much better off when we produce our promotional marketing products using rPET plastic rather than it’s virgin equivalent.  The simple fact is that giving unwanted single-use plastic bottles a new lease of life is far better for the environment than introducing more virgin plastic into our ecosystem. There are now many amazing companies, such as SeaQual or Plastic Bank, that remove old, discarded plastic bottles from oceans, beaches, landfills and other sources and turn this waste material into something useful. rPET can be used to produce a very wide range of eco-friendly, recycled promotional items including sports bags, umbrellas, notebooks, socks and beach towels! And the beauty of this is that they are all fully recyclable at the end of their life. 


What are the best rPET promotional products?

While you might associate recycled plastic with products that are hard and rigid such as pens or cups, many of the popular everyday promotional items we offer can be produced from rPET. The recycled chips can even be made into a yarn to make clothing and other material items! Below are 5 of our favourite rPET products here at Brandelity but believe us, there’s lots more where these came from!

Rpet TowelSea Towel

These beautiful SeaTowels are made from 100% recycled materials, including recycled plastic bottles. These are perfect to take to the beach this Summer!

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Rpet Promotional UmbrellaVenti Eco Umbrella

The Venti-Eco Promotional Umbrella is an eco-friendly automatic opening umbrella with a vented canopy made of recycled PET bottles.

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Rpet Promotional NotebookPoco Eco RPET Notebook

The Poco Eco RPET Notebook is a practical notebook in A5 format. With hard RPET cover (made from PET bottles) and approx. 80 sheets of FSC certified white lined paper (70 g / m²).

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Rpet Promotional BackpackNova RPET Roll-Top Backpack

A practical, sturdy and water-resistant ‘roll-top’ backpack made from RPET Polyester.

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Rpet Promotional BottleEco Ocean Spouter Bottle

The Eco Ocean Spouter Bottle is a single-wall sports bottle with an ergonomic design, made from Prevented Ocean Plastic.

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