Creating Branded Chopsticks for Yo! Sushi

We were thrilled when Yo! asked us to help them create a fun and engaging competition for Freshers week. Creating branded golden chopsticks was something new for us but we love a challenge!

Through our partners in the Far East we were able to source some great value wooden chopsticks and customised the packaging with the new Yo! logo. The combination of both we believe will increase the perceived value of the brand and help to instil the new logo in the minds of their customers.

We then hand painted and branded a handful of “golden” chopsticks which, if found by a lucky student, would entitle them to a whole year of free Sushi! We tried a number of different methods for creating the golden chopsticks until we finally found the perfect combination that both we and our clients were happy with.

To make sure the competition was fair, we distributed all of the chopsticks, with the hidden golden chopsticks among them, directly to the student fairs. The branded chopsticks were distributed with food orders and people were excited to hunt for the all-important golden set! A great success all round and thoroughly enjoyable project.

If you would like Brandelity to help you create your own branded merchandise for a competition or event, get in touch with our team.