Branded Cabin Luggage

EasyJet is a British multinational low-cost airline group, operating domestic and international services on 927 routes across 34 countries. The airline has 308 aircrafts which are operated by over 13,000 highly skilled workers. Brandelity have worked closely with EasyJet on other projects such as the delicious chocolate pizzas, which you can read about here.

Eye-Catching Branded Cabin Luggage

EasyJet have continued their valued partnership with Brandelity, and recently approached the team to request some exciting carry-on suitcases. These pieces of cabin luggage are great branded merchandise as they are very eye-catching as well as practical which benefits the brand and recipients alike.

By choosing a bright colour and a large logo design, EasyJet are ensuring their brand will be visible to a wide variety of consumers from a large range of locations and backgrounds. As an airline, choosing airport based merchandise is a great choice as the people seeing this merchandise will be your direct target market, increasing the quality of exposure. The bright colour ensures the placement of EasyJet’s brand to the forefront of a wide range of consumers, who would otherwise be hard to target. A study showed 84% of people believe branded merchandise helps to increase brand awareness, and by branding a piece of merchandise seen by hundreds in a busy airport, EasyJet are maximising the audience viewing their brand.

These branded suitcases were gifted to top performing staff within EasyJet, as a piece of merchandise for their upcoming company trip abroad. By gifting their employees branded merchandise, EasyJet is showing appreciation towards their workforce, which has been proven to increase employee satisfaction and motivation, which can positively affect productivity. 68% of HR professionals state branded gift giving can help increase your staff retention rate and staff inclusion. These positive reactions are particularly poignant in this case as the suitcases were used to facilitate the employee’s time at the work function, which can improve the employee’s enthusiasm to work. 

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