Branded Metal Straws

Brandelity recently had the privilege of working with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David on an exciting eco-friendly project supplying them with branded metal straws. The university chose this alternative to single-use plastic straws as they wanted a piece of merchandise that was effective for brand exposure whilst also aligning with their sustainable values. Branded metal straws were the perfect piece of merchandise as their longevity helps to increase brand awareness and the story behind these straws helps to spread awareness of the importance of tackling plastic pollution, which is a cause close to their hearts (and ours!). 

Swap Out Plastic Straws for Branded Metal Straws 

Our branded metal straws are a great alternative to single use plastic or paper straws as they are eco-friendly and have great branding opportunities. The durable, stainless steel straws come engraved with your logo, helping to increase brand awareness amongst recipients. Each pack contains two of these branded straws, a handy straw cleaner and a cotton bag which can also be branded with your logo. 

Metal straws are the best alternative to polluting plastic straws as they have better longevity and practicality in comparison to their other sustainable counterparts. The smooth metal, unlike porous Bamboo, means the straws are easy to clean and don’t harbour bacteria which helps to increase their reusable value. This means the metal straws will stay in use for longer, helping to reduce harmful waste into the environment as well as keeping your brand visible for a longer period of time. 

The Importance of Branded Metal Straws over Plastic Straws

By choosing metal straws over plastic straws, you are helping to keep unnecessary garbage out of landfills, which is of paramount importance. Studies have found using metal straws instead of plastic can help save 1.6 straws entering landfills a day.  Plastic straws take up to 1,000 years to decompose as they secrete harmful chemicals into the soil and atmosphere. As well as negatively impacting landfills, plastic straws were the seventh most common item found in beach clean ups. A study by PNAS highlighted that, without change, 99% of seabirds will have ingested some of the 8 million metric tons of plastic in the oceans by 2050. Therefore, switching to metal straws is both great for the longevity of your brand and the environment alike.