Custom Socks Branded

Here at Brandelity we are always talking about making merchandise memorable. If the aim of your game is increased brand awareness, it’s not producing the biggest and most expensive gifts that will get you the most exposure and keep you in the minds of your customers. It’s producing products that will be used and engaged with often and/or that are distinctive and memorable. Something that’s “on brand”, stands out from the crowd and puts a smile on faces.

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We have supplied parliament with many items for their gift shop in the past including custom deck chairs and drink-ware items (written about that here). Parliament came back to us wanting more items for their shop; something fun and memorable that would appeal to the more budget conscious. It wasn’t long before custom socks were firmly on the agenda.

Our socks have a large branding area and with the logo or design being woven into the socks, you know the branding will be long lasting. If parliament would have decided to simply put their logo on the socks, I doubt this great item would be flying off the shelves. However, by using the quirky and well known parliamentary voting phrase “Ayes to the right, Noes to the left”, you’ve got a fun gift that will make everybody who sees them in the gift shop smile! Plus, it’ll remind you of your lefts and right when getting dressed in the morning.

The socks are a big hit: all ayes and no noes. We love their clever design! Memorable merchandise for parliament that everyone will want to own. We can’t wait to work with Parliament on their next retail project.

If you’re interested in designing some quirky branded socks, you can get a quote from our Tootsies Custom Socks product page or contact us directly on