Xceptor recently approached Brandelity to help create packs for an internal rebranding launch so they could share the brand with their employees. Xceptor aims to ‘empower business users within financial institutions to build automated processes that deliver trusted data’. They are ambitious, innovative and put collaboration at the forefront of their business. Therefore, it was only fitting for Xceptor to involve their employees in their rebranding plans and provide them with personalised packs to help the new brand become established within the company.


Rebranding is defined as a strategy involving changing a company’s corporate image by developing a new name, logo and other visual assets. The success of a rebrand is exponentially higher when the company ensures internal buy-in. Employees are the company’s number one asset and therefore their cooperation is integral to the overall success of a big change.

By gifting their employees with these rebranded packs, Xceptor are showing they appreciate their staff and want them on board with the rebrand, which could lead to a smoother transition. Stakeholder awareness of a rebranding is of utmost importance to its ease and success. Promotional merchandise is a great way to make stakeholders aware as it gives them a tangible reminder of the new assets and images utilised by the company. Gifting branded merchandise can also help to create a buzz around the rebrand as receiving gifts is associated with positive attitudes. It is imperative to communicate the rebranding to wider stakeholders, and if your employees have a positive buzz around the developed brand, this will result in a better recall to other stakeholders.

A look inside Xceptor’s rebranding package

Vegan Tote Bag Stanley Stella 1

Vegan S&S Tote Bag 

This vegan tote bag is made from recycled waste, making it both practical and highly sustainable. The bag has a large branding area, making it the perfect option for highlighting the rebrand.

Pen And NotebookRiviera A5 Textured Notebook and Kafka Satin Pen

This cost effective notebook with a premium finish is a great asset to the rebranding package. By giving staff a practical gift they are likely to use in their working lives, you are helping to integrate the new brand. The Rivera notebook is paired perfectly with the Kafka Satin Pen.

Cliplock Lanyard 2

UK Made Dye Sub Badge Reel Lanyard 

The Dye Sub Badge Reel Lanyard is available in a full colour print design, making your rebrand tangible no matter the aesthetic! Lanyards are great for creating a buzz over your new brand as many employees wear these around their neck, increasing brand exposure.

Siena 500 Black Matt Kind 1

Siena Stainless Steel Bottle

This classy, reusable drinks bottle is a sustainable piece of merchandise employees will have on their desk constantly. This is a great promotional item as it is both visible and sustainable, helping to link your rebrand to ethical values.

Motley Black Logo 2 1

Motley Multi-Charging Cable

Durable nylon braided charging cable with multiple inputs lends itself as an important item as it has high perceived value.

Untitled 1

Mini Poppins Umbrella and Venti-Eco Promotional RPET Umbrella

Make your employees spokespeople of your new brand with these umbrellas! Umbrellas are a great piece of promotional merchandise as they are practical whilst being extremely visible. When an employee uses these umbrellas, they will be a champion of your brand, showing it off wherever they go.

If you’re looking for top-quality branded merchandise that stands out from the crowd, Brandelity is here to make it happen. Contact us at sales@brandelity.com