Carbon Neutral

Brandelity continues to be Carbon Neutral

Brandelity are passionate about sustainability and often talk about promotional products that are reusable, reduce waste and use recycled materials. As part of our drive to be sustainable in our business practices, Brandelity became carbon neutral in 2019, and we are proud to say we are still carbon neutral in 2023. For the past four years, we have been working alongside CO2Balance to ensure our carbon emissions have been offset, and this has been done through the nature-based solution ‘The African Safe Water Project’. 

CO2balance’s Safe Water Project supports communities with no access to clean water in Africa. By contributing to this cause, we are sponsoring work with experts and local communities to help install and repair water sources and their purification techniques. The project also trains the communities about WASH: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, to help reduce the harmful effects of ingesting contaminated water.  

Carbon Neutral Explained

Carbon neutrality is achieved when your carbon dioxide emissions released into the atmosphere are balanced by the equivalent amount being removed. This is achieved through carbon offsetting which is the process of removing or reducing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to compensate for the emissions elsewhere. Brandelity chose to use a nature-based offsetting solution as we wanted to make sure we were contributing to the creation of infrastructure and the preservation of nature whilst offsetting our carbon footprint. 

The Advantages of Being Carbon Neutral

Being carbon neutral helps to reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gas emissions in the environment, which results in a reduction in adverse effects on society. In the Paris Agreement, 2015, global governments recognised CO2 as a leading factor in the rising earth temperature. By ensuring the amount of carbon dioxide we release is equal to the amount we remove, we are helping to reduce the harmful effects of emissions contributing to global warming.  

As well as reducing the effects of global warming, being carbon neutral can lead to improvements in overall societal health as there is less environmental pollution in our air. Health is further improved as carbon neutrality can enhance food security and lead to purer conditions of our water sources such as the oceans. 

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