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Chancellors Group of Estate Agents Limited

The Chancellors Group of Estate Agents Limited, is one of the UK’s leading independent estate agents. The Estate Agency is home to over 500 employees working across 58 networked offices. The team at Chancellors recently reached out to Brandelity to help create branded merchandise to gift to their top performing staff who are being treated to a trip to Barbados! 

Chancellors decided to gift their top performing employees with Brandelity’s RPET Printed Sunny Beach Towels. These sustainable RPET towels are a firm favourite for summertime promotions as well as company giveaways as they have a huge print area, with the possibility to have your brand design printed from edge-to-edge. 

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Gifting merchandise can provide positive returns in the future

By gifting their employees branded merchandise, Chancellors is showing their appreciation for their staff, which could result in a more productive workforce in the future.  Research has shown that rewarding employees for their work increases employee satisfaction and motivation, which can positively affect productivity. Giving employees gifts makes them feel appreciated, which can make them more affiliated with the company’s values, with 68% of HR professionals stating it can increase your staff retention rate. 

Branded merchandise can serve as an effective method of employee recognition as the excitement surrounding receiving a gift is a powerful motivational tool for employees, especially when the gift has your brand on it. By gifting merchandise containing your brand, you can turn your employees into brand advocates, which is what Chancellor’s will be doing on their holiday to Barbados. By gifting a towel, Chancellors is giving their staff a piece of sentimental memorabilia which can help to build a positive association between the employee and the company. 

If you’d like help creating your own branded employee gifts and staff incentives, contact our team on or call us on 01753491470.

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