Sustainable Stationery For Innocent Drinks

Innocent in both name and nature, Innocent Drinks were on the sought our assistance in getting sustainable stationery. Being so committed to ethical practices they needed their branded merchandise to be as innocent as the brand itself. After discovering our eco-friendly merchandise page, they knew we were a merchandise company that shared similar environmental values. On their merchandise wish list was sustainable stationery for both internal use and as a gifting option to customers.

When it comes to selecting stationery you can’t go wrong with a pen and notebook. A staggering 89% of people have a promotional pen on their desk and both pens and notebooks are one of the most purchased promotional items.

Our Ink-Credible Pens Are More Fantastic Than Plastic

Being so useful it’s easy to see why branded pens are so popular, however they’re not always Eco. Many promotional pens are made from virgin plastic, meaning they only contribute to the plastic pollution problem. Here at Brandelity we took note of this (geddit?) and decided to overhaul our pen offering. We now showcase more sustainable pens made out of materials like recycled plastic, bamboo and even wheat fibre. Innocent Drinks loved our bamboozled pen, made from sustainable bamboo and with a sleek metallic clip, this promotional pen looks as Eco as it is and doesn’t compromise on aesthetics.

Call us biased, but we think every promotional pen should be accompanied with a branded notebook. Thankfully, Innocent thought the same. In fact, they took such a shine to our sustainable stationery that they couldn’t decide which notebook to choose and picked two!

Notebooks That Are Nice By Nature

The first notebook they had branded in both A4 and A5 size. Both of these notebooks were made out of recycled paper and board, which means no new trees were chopped down to make them. So far so green, but what makes these notebooks even more enviromentally friendly is the fact they were made here in the U.K. Being made loaclly means less Air Miles were clocked up during their transportation, resulting in a smaller delivery carbon foot print when compared to items made thousands of miles away. We love the artwork they provided us with and the fact it not only tells users what it’s made of but also what to do with it afterwards. All very much in keeping with their company values and is totally branding on point!

The second style notebook they picked was our Corker. As the name suggests, it is partly made using cork. We think this makes it a corker of a notebook because cork is regarded as an environmentally sustainable material. It’s also not a material that’s often used in stationery which gives it a more distinctive and quirky vibe, also very in keeping with the Innocent brand.

Whilst not strictly a stationery product, it seems strange to refer to a USB drive as a tech item in the age of voice commands and AI robots. No matter how you classify it, Innocent wanted some and like their more traditional stationery items, they wanted their drives to be as eco-friendly as possible. They opted for our Recycled Paper USB drive, which *spoiler alert* is a drive encased in recycled paper. Using this recycled material means less plastic clogging up our oceans and fewer trees facing the chop, which we think you’ll agree makes it preferential. It also meant their USB drives were colour co-ordinated to their notebooks and pens which makes for some smooth looking stationery.

If you’re looking to get your own sustainable stationery you can view our full range by clicking the button below. All of our items come printed with your logo. If you wish to discuss your merchandise needs then get in touch with us on 01753 491470 or by sending us an email to