As the world gets smarter, faster and more technical, so are its law firms! Enter Shoosmiths, a legal firm with a modern, 21st century approach; understanding the importance of legal assistance that moves at the same pace as the rest of life. Shoosmiths have recently launched products such as Cia®. Contract intelligent analysis, a faster way to review your legal documents, and Matters+, an online hub service for management of legal matters and analytics. Both of these products are a combination of a smart, modern legal approach and the use of today’s available technology.

Shoosmiths came to us with a need for some new merchandise which would feature their Cia®. Contract intelligent analysis and Matters+ logos. It needed to be representative of the brand and have the same high-tech, modern approach as their services. We settled on the Deskutive Wireless Charging Mouse Pad and the Pure Pantone Drinks Bottle.

The Pure Pantone Drinks Bottle is reusable and made of glass which makes it more eco-friendly than its plastic friends and the bamboo lid adds to this appeal. The glass and rubber sleeve aesthetic gives it a high-end look and the sleeve can be in any Pantone matched colour, meaning you can get the bottle really “on brand”. The Deskutive Wireless Charging Mat is both a mouse mat and a Qi wireless charger for mobile devices. It’s perfect as a desktop gift, which was what our clients were after on this occasion. Its unique, has a sleek finish and most importantly, blends professionalism with modern technology. We thought it was a perfect fit for the Shoosmiths brand.

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