Uefa Women's Euros Volunteer Gifts: Logo Branded Speakers & Desktop Garden

Earlier this month we worked alongside the Greater London Authority “City Hall” to produce some custom branded products for the 2022 UEFA Women’s Euros. These items were given out as a Thank You to some of the many 1000’s of volunteers that have helped make this event a success and to show appreciation for their hard work.

There are approximately 1500 volunteers across England’s 10 Host Stadiums with responsibilities including Transport Hubs, City Centers and Fan Zones.

Two custom-printed items were produced for the event: A Desktop Garden and a Hipster Boom Bluetooth Speaker.

The Desktop Garden features a recycled brushed aluminium desktop pot which contains a seedball that germinates in around 7-14 days and produces a beautiful bunch of wildflowers or herbs. It includes a cork stopper, growing instructions and an organic soil coin. A great product for anyone wanting to have a positive impact on their environment!

The Hipster Boom Bluetooth Speaker is small and compact, easy to connect, comes with a 400mAh lithium battery and offers excellent sound clarity and performance.

Both items were custom branded and carefully selected to appeal to/reward The Greater London Authority’s volunteers.

Euro 2022 ShowroomUnique and “one-off” merchandise items are a very effective way of showing someone you appreciate them. With just a small investment we can produce items that have a far greater perceived value than their cost.

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Now – Come on England!