Branded Rubber Ducks

Flood Re is a non-for-profit company that was developed by the Insurance industry to cap domestic flood insurance prices in high risk flood areas. We worked with this client to produce a selection of sustainable and fun items to give away at an event with a focus on brand awareness.

We agreed that our sustainable wheat straw pens (100% compostable!) and a custom made rubber duck would create a bit of a buzz around their stand and offer something useful.

Research shows time and time again that well targeted Promotional merchandise is an extremely cost effective form of promotion when compared with other forms of media. It can also bring a mile 🙂

This Eco Heloix Pen is an excellent choice of pen as it is obtained from 100% natural resources such as corn starch, yucca or sugar cane but most importantly it is 100% compostable at the end of its lifespan. Finished in white, the pens look very sleek.

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