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Want to know which sustainable promotional products you should consider?

The Brandelity Team have selected their favourite Eco merchandise products and explain why they stand out for them.

Brandelity is passionate about sustainable promotional products and we encounter hundreds of new green and sustainable products from a range of suppliers and manufacturers every year. Some products don’t make the Brandelity cut, some become cult heroes, and some appeal to the masses and become Brandelity bestsellers. 

We’ve asked our team which of these products have stood out to them, focusing on the items that have a unique and engaging story. We believe it’s these items in particular that stand apart in what is becoming an increasingly crowded world of promotional product options.

Chris Love, Managing Director (LinkedIn)

Beeswax Wraps

Branded Beeswax WrapsFor me, the stand out Eco promotional product is our Beeswax Wraps; they have everything! In terms of sustainability, they help eliminate single use plastic/cling film and they are made locally so have a low Carbon footprint. Even the wax comes from a local beekeeper in our very own village. In terms of brand awareness, they can be branded in full colour and the packaging, which is recyclable, is also customisable as standard. Plus, I love sandwiches!

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Paul Betts, Sales Director (LinkedIn)

Circular&Co Cup

I’m a huge fan of the Circular&Co Coffee Cup, formally known as the R-Cup. It’s an attractive product available in a range of colours, with multiple branding options and, it’s innovative with its 360 degree drinking spout. Most importantly, it has a great story behind it! Designed to promote a circular economy, the coffee cup is made, in part, from discarded single-use coffee cups. It’s a high quality item with a long 10 year lifespan but when it does reach the end of its life, it’s fully recyclable. It also features smart but minimal packaging which highlights its eco credentials.

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Lucy Costerton, Account Director (LinkedIn)

Appeel Notebook

Promotional Stationery: Branded Castelli NotebookMy favourite of our sustainable promotional products is the Appeel Notebook from trusted brand Castelli. I love it because its uniqueness stands out in an overcrowded branded notebook market. Both the cover and paper in the Appeel Notebook are made from waste apple cores and skins, putting to good use a natural byproduct of the apple industry. In addition to this, it features FSC certified, ivory tinted pages that are crafted using 100% green energy and the paper used for this notebook is both carbon neutral and REACH compliant. It’s a great product for clients who put sustainability at the heart of their promotional merchandise choices!

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Jennifer Roberts, Account Manager (LinkedIn)

Seatowel 100 Gerecyclede Handdoeken Hypon 3Sea Towel

It’s the SeaTowel (100% Recycled Towels) for me. I love this product! I particularly love the story behind it and how it can turn such harmful sea waste into something purposeful and beautiful. It makes you feel like you’re part of the solution, being able to repurpose the waste into a branded item, instead of just using raw materials and adding to the problem. I think it’s particularly special that the plastic used is collected from the oceans by fishermen, especially as it’ll be used by people at the beach, swimming in the ocean.

As well as having a nice story, the SeaTowel also looks fab!  It’s a merch item people will definitely keep and use but also gets the message of sustainability across for a brand that’s eco-conscious.


Rebecca Wade, Sales Administrator (LinkedIn)

Sea Towel (again!)

I have to agree with Jenny, I think the eco promotional gift with the best story is the SeaTowel. I like that it’s made from 100% recycled materials and that the SeaQual yarn is made from plastic from the ocean. I also like that money goes to the Plastic Soup Foundation every time it’s purchased. The all over woven branding really makes it stand out and gives it a high quality, professional feel for a promotional gift or item of company merchandise. I also like the little touches like the tag that explains the whole sustainable story of the item and the fact there are some nice sustainable packaging options.

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Narelle McGregor, Marketing Manager (LinkedIn)

Ocean Bottle

Ocean 2For me, the Ocean Bottle and its backstory really stand out. Let’s start with the product; it’s mostly made from recycled materials and it’s fully recyclable at the end of its life. It’s a very high quality item that has a 10 year warranty, so that’s lots of single-use plastic water bottles saved and lots of brand awareness gained. However, it’s the company’s efforts to reduce ocean plastic that make this product so special. For every bottle bought, the company funds the collection of approximately 1000 plastic bottles around the world. It concentrates its efforts on rivers and waterways, trying to stop the plastic from ever entering the ocean. Its goal is to collect 7 billion bottles by 2025. It’s no wonder the Ocean Bottle is an award winning product.

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Catherine Trelawny, Marketing Executive (LinkedIn)

Sprout Pencils

My favourite sustainable promotional product is the Sprout Pencil because I love how you can plant the end of it in soil once you’re finished with it and it will grow into something beautiful and/or useful. It promotes a more circular economy and considers the end of life of a product which I think is becoming increasingly considered in branded merchandise purchasing. The branding on the pencil itself is engraving which looks super smart but you also have the opportunity to brand the recyclable outer packaging and really get your brand’s message across.

Sustainable Promotional Products
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Emma Evans, Financial Controller

Organic Essentials Unisex Zip Hoodie

Organic Branded Zip Hooded JumperI’ve decided to vote for the Organic Essential Hoodie from Stanley and Stella. Whilst not known for an innovative story, I like that there is a promotional apparel manufacturer that’s focusing on sustainability and quality. Fast fashion, low quality t-shirts and jumpers that end up in the bin after a few wears should be a thing of the past. The team at Brandelity had our own Stanley and Stella company hoodies embroidered with the material used being a mix of sustainably sourced organic cotton and recycled polyester. I’ve been really impressed by the level of comfort and how well the items have washed and lasted.

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