Branded Reusable Straws

That sucks!

Some things in life really suck. Like the 4.4 billion plastic straws disposed of in the U.K every year. Or the estimated 8.3 billion plastic straws polluting the world’s beaches. Oh, and lets not forget the 30,000 people who signed a petition demanding Mcdonalds bring back their plastic straws! Why you ask? So they don’t have to endure the hardship of a “soggy straw” whilst sipping on their milkshakes. Yup, some things suck.

Plastic straw pollution statisticsHere at Brandelity we don’t take issue with paper straws. In fact, we like them so much we even sell them. But, for those not convinced paper straws are up to the mammoth task of a Maccies milkshake there is an alternative that sucks in the right kind of way. One that doesn’t go soggy and still helps save our oceans from polluting plastic straws. That alternative is the metal straw.

Branded metal straws offer a seriously superior sucking experience

Our branded metal straws, which come engraved with your company logo, offer a seriously superior sucking experience, no matter the beverage! Yes, even when that beverage is the mighty Mcdonalds milkshake. There’s no chance of a soggy straw when it’s made from stainless steel. Being made of this material also ensures our branded metal straws are environmentally friendly, reusable and long lasting. A combination of qualities you won’t find in either plastic or paper straws. And it is this combination that makes branded metal straws a perfect promotional giveaway. Ensuring your business encourages eco-friendly practices amongst your employees or clients whilst also providing regular and long lasting brand exposure.

All of our metal straws packs come with two straws and a protective cotton carry case. Each pack also includes a handy straw cleaning brush to ensure your stainless steel straws remain in tip-top condition. Don’t worry, they’re still dishwasher safe if you don’t have time to hand wash them.

In addition to branding the straws themselves, their protective case can also be printed with your company logo to offer even greater branding options.

We’ve already found branded metal straws a popular promotional giveaway for those in the beverages, hospitality and events industries. They’re also a favourite promotional product for environmentally focused charities, reflecting both their brand and purpose.

Branded metal straws kitYou can suck and still help to save our oceans with branded metal straws

Plastic straws aren’t the only cause of plastic pollution in our oceans but, every time we make the switch from single use plastics to reusable alternatives it really does make a difference. Since the introduction of the UK’s 5p plastic bag charge in 2015, the number of polluting single use plastic bags found in our oceans has already decreased! Let’s achieve the same with single use plastic straws.

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