custom metal cups for Fujitsu in red and white

Custom metal cups for a picnic might sound a little extra but this wasn’t just any old picnic. This was Fujitsu’s, one of the worlds largest I.T service providers, annual company picnic. Having already planned an extra special day for their employees, they wanted to give them all a small corporate gift to remember the day by.

Why custom metal cups?

After speaking with Fujitsu we learned as a company, they value both quality and efficiency. But how could we reflect these qualities in their corporate gift? And a gift that will be useful at a picnic?

After some thought we concluded that it wouldn’t be a true picnic without a few beverages and it goes without saying that every drink needs a cup. We’re not talking about any old plastic cup however. A plastic cup simply wouldn’t cut it as a corporate gift and would likely only be used for the event itself, which isn’t in keeping with the companies developing eco-friendly policies. Our Chu-lip custom metal cups however make for a quality corporate gift that can be used again and again. Reflecting both their quality and efficiency values in one promotional product.

Our Chu-Lip cups make a cool corporate gift

We proposed our Chu-lip custom metal cups to our clients and they loved the idea of using it as their corporate gift and it’s easy to see why. Not only is the Chu-lip a cool and distinctive looking corporate gift but it is also an incredibly practical one as well. These custom metal cups are capable of keeping drinks either hot or cold for hours making them an ideal reusable cup for a variety of beverages.

The Chu-lip also features an open sip lid for hassle free drinking that ensures it is an accessible corporate gift for all employees.

The feedback we’ve had from Fujitsu about their custom metal cups has been fantastic and by all accounts the Chu-lip became a cherished corporate gift.

Want your own Customised Chu-Lip Cups?

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