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Wake up and smell the coffee people because today is International Coffee Day. A day where we espresso our appreciation of the world’s favourite drink. A colossal 3 billion cups of coffee are drunk every day around the world, so it’s no surprise that custom logo coffee cups are one of our most sought after promotional products. So, because we love coffee a latte we thought we’d celebrate today by pro-caffeinating on all things coffee.

Where You Bean? The History Of Coffee

Coffee plants are grown all over the globe but originally they come from Ethiopia. Rumour has it an Ethiopian goat farmer noticed his herd got pretty perky when he caught them chewing on the plant’s pods. He decided to try it for himself with a bit of water and loved it. Word quickly spread about this brew-tiful drink and soon it was being drunk across Africa and the Middle East.

Unfortunately, this daring shepherd didn’t bother to get his own custom logo coffee cups when promoting his discovery. So, whilst his product was adored by the masses, he achieved absolutely no brand recognition and is therefore only known as the shepherd. Such a baa-d move!

Coffee Arrived in Europe in the 17th Century

Eventually in the 17th-century coffee made its way to Europe. At first, it caused quite a stir with some describing it as the “bitter invention of Satan” due to its foreign origins. Europeans got rather heated over it and asked Pope Clement VIII to settle the issue. After a sip, he preached aloud  “where you bean all my life?!”. Henceforth coffee was cool in Europe and everyone stopped giving a frappé and by the mid 17th century there were 300 coffee shops in London. During this period coffee was consumed in-store, which makes sense as the roads were full of poop and sipping on horseback is a right mare. We like to think the stores would have supplied their coffee to customers in branded mugs like they do today but we’re not entirely sure. We can however, be sure that they didn’t sell reusable custom logo coffee cups like those thermo favourites found in Starbucks and Costa since in ye’ old days there was no desire to drink on the go.

The Not So Brew-tiful Side Of Coffee Today

It seems blighty is well and truly addicted to this brew with us Brits drinking 95 million cups of coffee every year. That’s an average of two cups per day for every citizen. With so many people seeking a caffeine fix there’s no end of coffee shops catering to them with the current number surpassing 8,000. However, all this coffee consumption comes at a cost. 

With so many of us grabbing a coffee to go in single-use cups we end up throwing away 2.5 billion of these cups every year. Unfortunately, due to the plastic lining of these paper cups, they can’t easily be recycled and 99% of them end up in landfill or polluting our environment. Each of these cups takes around 50 years to degrade meaning your little latte for lunch leaves the environment feeling pretty despresso.

Thankfully, campaigns such as Pass on Plastic and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s War on Waste have made consumers more environmentally aware and they’re demanding change. Many of our clients have also been motivated to do their part and have sought more sustainable promotional merchandise such as reusable custom logo coffee cups. Such merchandise helps your clients help the environment by encouraging them to actively pass on single-use plastic. As these reusable coffee cups are used frequently they subtly offer regular and repeated brand exposure to your clients, which keeps your brand at the forefront of their minds. These custom printed coffee cups also help to improve your brand’s reputation, showing you’re environmentally aware and actively participating in improving society.

Who’s most likely to use your reusable custom logo coffee cups?

If you’re looking to invest in custom logo coffee cups for your brand but are uncertain that such a promotional gift will be right for your clients then the following statistics may help you decide:

  • Only 36% of coffee drinkers have invested in a reusable coffee cup. Meaning there’s still a lot of coffee drinkers that could benefit from it.
  • The average Brit drinks two cups of coffee every day
  • Millennials, those aged 20-37, are the generation most inclined to seek their caffeine fix outside the house. So, if you’re targeting people within this age range they’re the most likely to benefit from your custom logo coffee cup.

And if your clients live in one of the UK cities listed in our infographic below then there’s a fair chance that they’ll really benefit from you giving them a reusable coffee cup as these cities drink the most:

custom logo coffee cups infographic international coffee day 2019

So now you know who is most likely to benefit from a promotional custom logo coffee cup, which one should you choose for branding?

Our Top Custom Logo Coffee Cups

There are so many options when it comes to drinkware, you’re really spoilt for choice. So, to prevent you feeling bitter about the process of choosing your custom logo coffee cups we’ve picked out a few of our favourites to help you decide. Here’s the countdown of our top three reusable coffee cups:

3.The Squat

This is a reusable coffee cup for those that want to make a change without compromising on convenience or cost. As the name suggests this collapsible coffee cup can be folded away when not in use so that it doesn’t take up too much bag space. The Squat has a capacity of 350ml so don’t be fooled by its name; when erect, it can take more than just an espresso. It’s handy safety spout cover mean that you can move about with a full cup without worrying about any spillage. Available in up to six different colours, we’re able to brand it with your logo on the top white band in 1-2 colours.

Purple Branded Collapsible Reusable Coffee Cup printed with logo around the top band

2. Americano Full Wrap

Want to do a little bit more with your custom logo coffee cup? How about being a little extra by customising it with full wrap artwork? The Americano Full Wrap gives you the freedom to design it your way, from funky abstract art to picturesque landscapes there are no limits. In addition to being artsy, this 350ml coffee cup has a sturdy screw fix lid and additional options such as printed packaging. Manufactured in the U.K, less energy is used in transportation, which reduces this cups carbon footprint when compared to those manufactured overseas.

Full Wrap Branded Reusable Coffee Cups


You may have come across these cups before on Amazon and even in Waitrose. These amazing cups are partly made from recycled paper cups. Meaning this reusable coffee cup not only prevents future waste but also help to repurpose existing waste. With a lifespan of 10 years we’re sure it’ll prevent a lot of single-use coffee cups being used and at the end of its lifespan, the rCup is 100% recyclable! This amazing reusable coffee cup is also 100% leakproof and is capable of keeping drinks hot or cold for hours, making it a great travel companion. Speaking of sipping on the go, this reusable coffee cup also features an ingenious 360 “push open, push close” lid, which provides 360-degree rim drinking This feature means there’s no more struggling to find the sippy hole, it’s rather like drinking out of a mug. We’re able to offer this as a custom logo coffee cup for you in a compact 8oz or a larger 12oz. We provide it to you branded with your logo in a one colour print as standard. For orders over 500 of the 12oz rCup we can also offer full-colour logo printing.

Recycled promotional products

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