Branded reusable straws engraved with logo

Branded reusable straws are one of our most requested promotional products and with good reason. For those not in the know, there’s a mahoosive plastic pollution problem affecting our oceans, particularly regarding our reliance on single-use plastics such as carrier bags, coffee cups and plastic straws. You see, our society has become a sucker for those single-use plastics. We’re addicted to them and when it comes to plastic straws, the U.K alone disposes of 4.4 billion each year. These aren’t recyclable and can take well over 100 years to degrade! What’s worse is that plastic straws have a habit of avoiding and even escaping from landfil. Being light and hollow, plastic straws easily get blown away and end up in our oceans. So much so, they’re actually one of the top ten items washed ashore throughout the globe. Here these little blighters wreak havoc on wildlife and ultimately leak toxic chemicals. Thankfully there’s an alternative that sucks in the right kind of way and one that Aspire Pharma Ltd selected to promote one of their product lines.

Sucking The Eco-Friendly Way

Unlike those dastardly plastic straws, reusable straws are more than a one drink stand. They stick around and can be used over and over again. This quality is what makes them such an ideal promotional product. Branded reusable straws, aside from being super useful, also offer repeated brand exposure over a longer period of time. With each and every use is an opportunity to get your brand noticed.

They’re also pretty good for your brands reputation. Campaigns such as The Final Straw and Pass On Plastic have influenced customers behaviours and expectations from companies and how they use plastics. Choosing promotional merchandise such as reusable branded straws shows your business is aware of environmental issues and actively trying to make a difference.

Branded reusable straws are an ideal promotional product for campaigns relating to the industires that use them the most such as beverages, hospitality and events. Although, as in the case of Aspire Pharma Ltd, they can also be used to promote other products. Their product line Mucosamin is a niche medical product used to treat Oral Mucositis. An illness that commonly affects those undergoing chemotherapy and causes the mucosal lining of the mouth to break down, resulting in painful ulcers. In these circumstances drinking can be somewhat difficult; and using a straw can help reduce discomfort. Providing packs of branded reusable straws to health care professionals provided a subtle way of promoting their brand. As proffesionals dispensed them alongside medicinal treatment they were exposed to the brand, keeping it at the forefront of their minds. It also helped in portraying the caring values of the company in addition to being an eco-friendly promotional product.

Logo engraved branded reusable straws

Want Branded Reusable Straws With Your Logo?

Our branded reusable straw kits come engraved with your logo and their protective carry case can also be branded. Made out of stainless steel, these straws are durable and can even be placed in the dishwasher. Each of our reusable straw kits includes two metal straws, a handy straw cleaning brush and a protective carry case. If you want to get reusable straws branded with your logo then click on the button below to find out more about our stainless steel straw kits.