most unique promotional items

You get a lot of choice with promotional items and choosing the right products for your brand can sometimes feel overwelming. For those seeking unique promotional items it can be even more of a challenge. To give you a helping hand we have complied a list of our 5 most unique promotional items.

1.Reusable Drinkware With A Bold Design

Be bold and iconic with quality reusable drinkware. Drinkware is a long-lasting promotional product with a high perceived value that offers repeated brand exposure. Used daily, reusable drink bottles are one of the most effective choices of branded merchandise. You get the freedom to be creative becasue of the large print area. Our clients give amazing feedback about our Verona Full Wrap Stainless Steel Bottle. They really are a talking point when given out at trade fairs and exhibitions.

2. Cheese Board

branded cheeseboard is one of the most unique promotional items

It may sound cheesy but we think they are a grate giveaway. An incredibly quirky choice of merchandise, it’s unlikely your clients will have received a branded cheese board before. This makes them a really unique and memorable promotional item. Cheese is brought by a staggering 98% of British households so it’s certainly got a wide appeal. Branded cheeseboards will appeal most to a more mature audience. It’s perfect for those that appreciate the finer things in life such as a nice selection of wine and cheese to devour in the evening. Our Chop and Cheese Board comes engraved with your logo to the corner of the main board for a sophisticated finish. It also includes a magnetic strip knife holder with 3 cheese knives and 1 cheese stick.

3. Beeswax Wraps

Leave your clients buzzing with this unique promotional product. Our Beeswax Wraps come branded with your logo/artwork. One of the most unique promotional items on the market, it is a product that has strong Eco credentials. A more sustainable alternative to clingfilm, which is a single use plastic, these wraps last for around a year and afterwards are they are fully compostable. The cardboard sleeve can also be customised with your artwork, making them even more unique.

4. Custom Socks

They might not sound like an exciting promotional product but socks offer lots of personalisation options which can make them a quirky giveaway. Much like our Full Wrap Bottles, our Tootsies Custom Socks can be as bold as you want. The louder the design, the more unique a promotional product they become. Socks are both useful and long lasting which means your clients will get plenty of exposure to your brand.

5. Custom Seed Packets

We really love our Seed Stixs, it is one of our favourite giveaways. They are one of the most unique branded items for those looking to grow their promotions! Seed Stixs come in custom print packaging that can be further customised by shape for those seeking to be even more bespoke. Our Seed Stixs come filled with seeds of your choice with an array of options ranging from herbs, chilli, poppy and even wildflower seeds available. Clients will enjoy sowing the seeds and watching them grow.

If you want even more unique promotional items then check out our quirky branded merchandise page using the button below. All items come branded with your logo. If you’ve any questions then contact us on 01753 491470 or and we’ll help you find the right unique promotional products to make your brand memorable.