Branded Reusable Drink Bottles

Reusable drinkware has become a big thing in recent years and the industry is now estimated to be worth a staggering £5.5 billion with even more growth predicted. Our stainless steel drink bottles are now one of our most popular items of branded merchandise and we think they make the perfect promotional giveaway. But what is it that makes branded reusable stainless drink bottles so good?

1. They Help Others Pass On Plastic

The recent rise in popularity for reusable alternatives has grown as a result of consumers becoming increasingly aware of the plastic pollution problem affecting our oceans. This is in large thanks to shows such as the BBC’s Blue Planet. After seeing the devastation plastic waste is having on marine life, many people have looked at swapping single-use plastics for reusable alternatives such as tote bags, straws and water bottles.

With the average person in the U.K using 150 single-use plastic bottles a year, switching to a reusable bottle really does help in reducing the amount of plastic pollution we generate. This makes them an ideal promotional giveaway for companies trying to encourage their clients to reduce their plastic waste. Making them a promotional product that is beneficial to both the planet and also your companies image.

Branded Reusable Drink Bottles

2. They’re In Vogue

As the demand for reusable drinkware has increased, so has the scope of their designs, which has made them something of a fashion statement. On Instagram, the photo-centric social media platform, there is a staggering 500,000 posts with the hashtag #waterbottle with most of these featuring stainless steel bottles with bold designs. These lifestyle accessories really have become the essential must-have and the more people that use them the better. Currently, 36% of the British population are already frequently using reusable water bottles but we anticipate this to rise further as more people catch on to just how harmful single-use plastic bottles are. Unlike most trends, we don’t think reusable drinkware will be a fad either, as the majority of people choose to reuse out of ethical concerns. Choosing to use drinkware branded with your logo as a promotional gift shows that your company has its fingers on the pulse of the latest trends and have put thought into their merchandise. If you’ve got an artistic side and really want to show off your brand, then we recommend going for a full wrap print as these result in vibrant bottles that catch they eye and really make a statement.

3. They Save Money

A bottle of water from one of the well-known brands can cost as much as £1. Given that the average U.K person uses 150 of these each year, switching to a reusable water bottle could save your clients some cash. Filling from your tap at home costs very little and with more and more companies signing up to refill schemes you can easily top up your bottle for free when out and about. Quality reusable drinkware, such as our stainless steel drink bottles, lasts a long time and with 62% of recipients using branded merchandise for longer than a year, they are a promotional tool with longevity that offers frequent brand exposure. Making reusable water bottles good for your promotional budget as well as the planet.

How To Ensure You Get Quality Branded Drink Bottles

So now that you know why reusable drinkware is such a great promotional product to invest in, how do you ensure you get quality bottles?

The first thing to check is that the bottles are made using stainless steel type 304. This type of stainless steel is less prone to corrosion whilst also being incredibly durable. This ensures your bottles stand the test of time. It is also why we use this kind of stainless steel across all of our Verona, Siena and Lucca range of drinks bottles.

Additionally, we also recommend that you choose double-walled insulated stainless steel bottles. Double-walled bottles help to reduce condensation build-up and ensure your bottles external temperature doesn’t become too hot when used for warm beverages. It does this without impacting upon the temperature of the liquid, meaning you can enjoy hot drinks without burning your hands. Being double walled also means our stainless steel drink bottles are able to keep drinks hot or cold for up to 12 hours which makes them a promotional product that can be used throughout the day.

In addition to the physical qualities, it is also important to look at what print types are being offered. There’s a lot of different print types out there and each different printing method has its own unique qualities that lend themselves better to certain designs. For example, a simple one colour logo could be printed or engraved whilst a multi-colour logo or more complex design would best suit a water transfer or sublimation print. Whilst this can sound confusing you needn’t get overwhelmed as here at Brandelity we’re bottle experts and can recommend what print methods will work best for your logo/artwork on our bottles. We can offer a variety of print methods catering from simple to more complex designs.

Finally, it is worth checking out the certifications your bottle supplier has. A reputable drinkware supplier’s bottles should be ROHS and CE certified. Remember, the quality of the promotional bottles you gift will reflect upon your company, meaning it is important to select a reputable supplier with all the correct certifications. We have both ROHS and CE certification for our stainless steel bottles and they are also Food Safe certified.

With more and more people seeking to pass on plastic and usefulness being the most sought after quality from a promotional gift, you really can’t go wrong with choosing reusable drink bottles for your promotional merchandise.

If you want to get your own reusable drinks bottles branded with your logo then click on the button below to view our full range. If you’ve any questions then contact us on 01753 969287 or and we’ll help you get your own reusable stainless steel bottles.