When Natwest wanted a natural promotional product to help promote their business ventures they knew who they could bank on. After working with them on an array of products before, they knew Brandelity loved Eco-inspired natural promotional products and would have something that fits the bill.

Grow Your Promotions With Natural Promotional Products

Wanting to grow their B2B services in a memorable way we suggested Natwest use Seed Stixs, a promotional product that quite literally visualises growth. These seeds come in custom branded packaging and can feature logos, full artwork and text. Natwest fully utilised their Seed Stix packaging by including their logo and a message on the outer packaging and on the inside flap; all of their other brand’s logos. With the packaging made from biodegradable cardboard, natural glue and printed using soy and vegetable ink, our Seed Stix are by far one of the most natural promotional products available.

Natwest chose to fill their Seed Stixs with Wildflower seeds, although other seed combinations are available ranging from herbs, chilli, carrots and even spruces! Wildflowers make for a fun, easy to grow and interactive natural promotional product that once grown, turn into bloomin’ brilliant flowers. Not only do the flowers look lovely, they have the added benefit of helping out our butterflies and bees, which are really struggling to thrive with a decline in their natural habitats over recent years.

Why Not Get Your Own Seed Stixs?

As mentioned, there’s a variety of seed filling options but if you’re concerned your clients might not be the next Titchmarsh then we recommend Wildflower seeds as these tend to look after themselves. However, if you’re feeling more adventurous, then we can recommend more exotic seeds. Our Seed Stix packaging can also be customised by shape for an even more distinctive promotional product. Previous examples include boot-shaped, ball-shaped and even bee-shaped Seed Stixs. You can find out more about our Seed Stix using the button below. If you’ve any questions then contact us on 01753 969287 or UKsales@brandelity.com and we’ll help you get growing with your own natural promotional products.