You’ve probably heard the old adage that you only get one chance to make a first impression. Well why not make your company’s first impression a memorable one! You can increase a new employee’s experience, retention potential and happiness with our branded staff onboarding packs.

There are so many benefits to good employee onboarding and branded onboarding packs can play an important part. Just check out these statistics: 

Onboarding packs allow you to set the tone on day one, exuding a positive workplace experience. It gets across your brand values whilst also giving new starters time to familiarise themselves with the company’s branding. They’re more important now than they’ve ever been as more people are remote working or doing flexi-work and are less exposed to everyday office branding. Sending onboarding packs to your new “remote working” starters will make them feel excited and a valued member of the team. Who wouldn’t want branded company products to share on social media and show off to friends and family? Make your staff proud to be part of the company they are working for!

All our onboarding packs come branded with your logo and arrive in eco-friendly packaging. The products that come in our standard welcome packs are available to order from just 25 units.

See our standard welcome packs below: 


Desktop Onboarding Pack

Desktop Pack

RPET A5 Notebook, RPET Senator Pen, RPET Water Bottle, Recycled Wireless Phone Charger and Cambridge Mug.

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Extra Eco PackEco Onboarding Pack

5oz Reusable Cotton Tote Bag, Reusable Eco Cutlery, Reusable Lunch Box, A5 Corker Notebook and Corky Pen.

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Commuter Onboarding Pack

Commuter Pack

RPET Anti-Theft Backpack, Hand Sanitiser, Aluminium Wireless Power Bank, Metal Travel Thermos and Stainless Steel Water Bottle.

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Warm Welcome PackWelcome Onboarding Pack

Organic Cotton T-Shirt, RPET Cool Bag, RPET Water Bottle, Recycled Sunglasses and Recycled Peak Baseball Cap.

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Keep Warm Onboarding Pack

Keep Warm Welcome Pack

Organic Zip Hoodie Jumper, Recycled Beechfield Beanie, Bamboo Travel Thermos and Recycled PET Umbrella.

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If you have any questions about our standard onboarding packs or the additional storage and postage services we can offer, please get in contact with a member of the Brandelity team at: or 01753 491470