Brandelity supplies a wide range of promotional products, many made out of unique eco-friendly materials. It’s very easy to find promotional products but it’s a lot more challenging to find ones in keeping with your brand’s ethics. We work hard to supply purposeful products that take sustainability and environmental impact seriously. Some of these products happen to be made out of weird and wonderful materials, making them unique and memorable to the recipients! From coffee beans to elephant grass, we’ve listed our top 5 products made from more unique Eco materials below:

1. Cafe Coffee Notebook

Ever heard of a notebook made out of old coffee beans? Well now you have! Our Cafe Coffee Notebook is the perfect branded notebook to take with you in meetings alongside your coffee!  The cover of this A5-notebook contains about 13 grams of coffee waste. FYI; 1 cup of coffee comes with an average waste of 7 grams. So this notebook is made of the waste grounds of approx. two cups of coffee!  The paper is also 100% recycled, making it a great alternative for people looking for a more environmentally friendly option. A new product to our range and already a success!

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2. Vibers Plant Pot 

Our super Eco, branded Vibers Plant Pots are made out of elephant grass which is a much more sustainable alternative to the usual plastic flower pot. The elephant grass is a particularly strong type of grass that can be grown on poor quality Dutch soil, often on disused land. Even better, this super grass absorbs four times as much CO² as a forest of trees! Made from natural fibres, the plant pot is biodegradable. 

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3. Milk Carton Pen

This unique milk carton pen is made from recycled carton Tetra Pak milk packs. A perfect Eco alternative to classic plastic pens. It’s estimated that we throw away 1.6 billion pens every year. With most pens being made entirely out of virgin plastic, there really are some easy and low cost eco swaps to be had with promotional pens like this milk carton pen. Recycling your drink cartons leads to savings of 75% on fossil fuels, 90% on water, and up to 70% on CO2 emissions (compared to using new raw materials). When a Tetra Pack is recycled, the paper and cellulose are recovered and reused which make this pen! 

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4. Wheat Straw Power Bank

Our Wheat Straw Power Bank comes printed with your colour logo and presented in an attractive, individual, eco-design box. This wheat straw power bank is perfect for those wanting a reusable tech gift that has an eco-friendly look and feel. With 6.64 million of the world’s population expected to be using a smartphone in 2022, it’s highly likely that many, if not most, of your staff and clients will have one. With dated lithium-ion batteries powering them, that really is a lot of people struggling to stay switched on throughout their day. This is why power banks are an excellent promotional gift option and will bring repeated brand awareness when taken out for the day. 

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5. Apple Peel Notebook

This Castelli notebook has some major branding appeel! Both the cover and paper are made from waste apple cores and skins, putting to good use a natural by-product of the apple industry. The soft-touch cover can be either printed or embossed with your logo. Just to up the Eco anti, this unique notebook is crafted using 100% green energy and the paper used for this notebook is both carbon neutral and REACH compliant.

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If you want even more unique promotional items that come branded with our logo, then please do contact us on 01753 491470 or We’ll help you find the right unique promotional products to make your brand memorable.