aluminium water bottles logo printed

We recently did logo printed aluminium water bottles for Ireland’s Top Travel Agency, Cassidy Travel. They were really pleased with our previous work for them and sought our assistance once more! This time to get their own logo printed drinkware. Branded drinkware has been one of the most popular promotional items of the past 12 months and, from the volume of enquiries we are receiving, shows no sign of decline in popularity any time soon. In fact we’d go as far as to say, with people increasingly becoming more environmentally aware and adopting potentially life long sustainable practices, that logo printed drinkware could overtake the promotional pen to become the staple go to promotional item.

We delved deeper into what Cassidy Travel intended to use this merchandise for. Seeking to offer them as a promotional giveaway to their customers, of whom will be going on a variety of holidays, it was important that any aluminium water bottles used needed to not only look good but also prove sturdy.

We suggested our Contec Carabiner water bottles. With its durable design and handy carabiner attachment, it was the perfect aluminium water bottle for all types of holiday goers. From hiking, sporting or simply clipping onto the pushchair, this aluminium water bottle catered to our clients diverse customer base and is an incredibly useful item. “Usefulness” has been identified by the British Promotional Merchandising Association as a key reason people keep and value promotional products, meaning it will likely offer repeated brand exposure and help in keeping Cassidy Travel at the forefront of their customers minds. Exactly what you’d want from a promotional investment.

If you’re seeking your own logo printed aluminium water bottles, like our Contek Carabiner, or other styles of branded bottles then check out our promotional drinkware range using the button below.

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