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Our good friends at MightyHive have been going from strength to strength since merging with S4Capital plc in 2018. They’ve established themselves as a global force in the field of data and digital media services and now employ nearly 3000 people worldwide. Impressive! However, behind every good company, is an even better workforce and the powers that be at Mighty Hive recognise this. They work hard to make sure their staff are well cared for which is why they score a whopping 4.3 out of 5 on Glassdoor for employee satisfaction. Part of the many employee perks is the merchandise gifting and this is what MightyHive needed our help with this on this occasion.

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Saying Thanks With Staff Swag

To celebrate a year of growth and say thank you to employees for their hard work during the Covid pandemic, MightyHive wanted to send out some employee gifts. They needed the gifts to be on brand, with their cool black and grey colour options and a sleek, professional finish. Being an agency based around digital, desktop items are also a great option, especially if they can be unique.

Working together, we chose a classic branded hoodie and t-shirt. The t-shirt was printed for comfort when wearing while the hoodie was embroidered for a long lasting, premium finish. But, our favourite item of merch in this swag bag had to be the Sustainable Succulents Set in Natural Clay Pots. There are so many things that make these an awesome gift for employees or for clients. They are unique, the are very eco-friendly and made in the UK, they offer long lasting brand awareness and they have a high perceived value. A gift that definitely increases a company’s brand value and image. We thought the finished product looked brilliant and of course, all packaging was sustainable too. 

If you’re looking for impactful merchandise gifts for your staff or your clients, get in contact at on or phone 01753 491470.

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