branded t-shirts

Branded T-Shirts – a MUST for your next event!

Branded t-shirts and bags are a superb choice of merchandise when used in conjunction with a new event – they are also fun to work with as the choice of colours and styles for both, are endless! So we were particularly pleased when our favourite Japanese Street Food restaurant ‘ Yo Sushi’ asked us to produce both these items for the launch of “Mini Ninjas’, their new sushi school class aimed at 5-12 year olds. The classes are aimed at teaching kids ‘Mini Ninjas’ how to make, and of course, eat Sushi!

The branded t-shirts were used by the ‘Yo Sushi’ staff and the branded bags were included in the packs that each ‘Mini Ninja’ receives.

Did you know…

When it comes to picking a product to promote your brand or event, Branded Bags are hard to beat. They offer unparalleled perceived value versus cost and they can last a very long time.  In fact, a recent study* showed that 9 out of 10 people recalled the company from which they received a free bag.

*Impressions Study of ASI

Another study* showed that the average time a person keeps a branded bag is 4.2 years (for comparative purposes the same study showed that writing instruments are kept for an average of 9 months)

* The French Associating 2FPCO


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